Couple Encounter ‘BIGFOOT’ on Road at Night near Sundance Utah

The video was recorded near Sundance in Utah and begins after a couple had turned their car around to take a closer look at something that they’d spotted at the roadside.

As the car headlights illuminate the trees at the side of the road a bipedal creature can be briefly seen standing between the trunks. It’s difficult to make out much detail in the low light but it certainly appears as though there is something there.

The couple backed their car up and drove past again but by this time the creature had disappeared.

The footage has been gaining in interest since first appearing online three days ago but to date there has been no explanation for what it is that the couple had witnessed.

If you look closely, it’s definitely not a monkey

There will also be no joke when this place is an empty forest. You Will Be In Any Danger If It Is A Joke!

all but what the couple said

We were driving near Sundance Utah just outside of Provo Utah in the Provo Canyon. We saw something in the trees so we turned around as quickly as possible. That is when we began filming, at the point where we had turned around and were on the way back to see if we could see it again. We didn’t know until we got home and reviewed the video that we captured this footage of what might be a bigfoot or sasquatch.


Time to suit up, squatchers – it may soon be B̳i̳g̳f̳o̳o̳t̳ season in Oklahoma.

State Rep. Justin Humphrey filed House Bill 1648, which would direct the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation to establish a B̳i̳g̳f̳o̳o̳t̳ hunting season, The Oklahoman reports.

The legislation would require the establishment of annual dates for B̳i̳g̳f̳o̳o̳t̳ season, as well as a B̳i̳g̳f̳o̳o̳t̳ hunting license, tag and associated fees.

Some of Humphrey’s constituents have been quite vocal against the frivolous bill, but Humphrey thinks it will be good for tourism.

“There are a lot of people, who really, really believe in B̳i̳g̳f̳o̳o̳t̳ and so it is going to give them the opportunity to come down,” he said. “We want to make it a real deal. You can have a license. You can get out there and hunt this thing.”

“A lot of people don’t believe in B̳i̳g̳f̳o̳o̳t̳, but a lot of people do. Just like some people like to go deer hunting, while some don’t.” – Oklahoma State Rep. Justin Humphrey

But don’t head out into the woods to murder B̳i̳g̳f̳o̳o̳t̳ just yet.

“I want to be really clear that we are not going to kill B̳i̳g̳f̳o̳o̳t̳,” Humphrey said. “We are going to trap a live B̳i̳g̳f̳o̳o̳t̳. We are not promoting killing B̳i̳g̳f̳o̳o̳t̳. We are promoting hunting B̳i̳g̳f̳o̳o̳t̳, trying to find evidence of B̳i̳g̳f̳o̳o̳t̳.”

Humphrey hopes to establish a $25,000 bounty for the first person to catch B̳i̳g̳f̳o̳o̳t̳.

“I had one lady just scream at me that she is going to make sure I will get beat because of this and told me I’ve lost my mind,” Humphrey said. “I don’t think they understand what we are trying to do to promote our area.”

Humphrey says he is just trying to capitalize on what merchants in Hochatown and nearby Honobia, which hosts an annual B̳i̳g̳f̳o̳o̳t̳ festival, are already doing.

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