The triggerfish family have baffled the internet with their teeth which they us to fight sea urchins and crabs with their bite being so powerful it can puncture diving suits

The sea creature with human-like teeth which has left the internet baffled has been identified.

Images of the animal left millions guessing – and there is some worrying news for swimmers.

The Rakyat Post identified the ocean beats as a triggerfish, and say that it is common around Malaysia.

The creature belongs to the Balistidae family – and they are known for their “nasty behaviour”.

According to the National Geographic, these fish are famous charging at intruders – that includes other sea creatures as well as human divers.

They “use their tough teeth and powerful jaws to fight sea urchins and crabs, but their bite can also puncture diving suits”.

The strange fish has gone viral on twitter

It’s not the only time a fish with what appears to be human teeth has been caught.

Back in 2014 Russian fisherman Aleks Korobov, 50, confused fish experts after he caught a terrifying looking fish with teeth like a human.

Now we know more about which family it belongs to

Aleks, from the city of Arkhangelsk in north-western Russia’s Arkhangelsk Oblast district, caught one of the worlds weirdest animals on a fishing trip on the Northern Dvina River.

He thought it was a common bream, but when he went to unhook it he saw it had a mouth full of what looked like human teeth.

He said six years ago: “It was already dead but when I picked it up and smelt it, I could tell it was fresh.

“I then opened its gills which were nice and red but I noticed the mouth wasn’t right for a bream and when I opened it I nearly dropped the thing in surprise.

“Inside were a load of human teeth.”

He then rushed to his local pub to show his friends the mysterious catch.

His friend Anton Efimov, 60, said “We know Aleks can tell some tall tales but when he came in and said he had a fish with human teeth we thought he’d certainly been drinking.

“But then he got it out and we were totally shocked.

“None of us had ever seen anything like it in our lives – it was very strange.”

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