Video Shows Guard ‘Being Attacked By A Ghost’

A Colombian mayor has posted up a video featuring bizarre footage of an alleged paranormal attack.
In a clip posted up on his Facebook page, Jose Manuel Rios Morales, who is the mayor of Armenia, shared footage of a security guard who was allegedly attacked by an invisible entity.

Sure enough, the grainy black-and-white clip does appear to show something strange going on.

In the grainy, minute-long clip, the guard can be seen suddenly throwing himself against a wall before falling to the ground and crawling backwards, all while seemingly being harangued by an unseen assailant.

The guard then tries to crawl along the ground, where he appears to resist an invisible force tugging him along, à la Freddy Krueger’s mid-slumber smackdown from “A Nightmare on Elm Street.”

The spooky footage concludes with two of the prone man’s fellow watchmen rushing to his aid.

Apparantly convinced of the supernatural nature of the guard’s ordeal, Morales has since called for a little bit of divine intervention to help remove any malicious forces from the area.

“I want to give everyone a little peace of mind and let them know that, in the company of the Bishop and other religious leaders, we will bring God’s blessing to every corner of this workplace,” he said.

“We ask for respect and a union in prayer, and we assure you that nothing can steal our peace and tranquillity because we are protected by the hand of our Lord.”

Morales’ ghost story divided social media followers with one devout supporter saying “strength my mayor and friend. I send you hugs.”

“This is my mayor, always in the hands of the Creator,” said another.

However, others were more skeptical. “The least they’ll say now is that the ghost is embezzling from the mayor…” snarked one critic, while another posted a gif of a fake U̳F̳O̳ with the caption, “I Want To Believe.”

This isn’t the first time a supposed paranormal encounter has caused a stir on social media. This past February, urban explorers received the fright of a lifetime after spotting a mysterious figure while perusing a notorious, derelict nursing home in the UK.

But was the guard actually being attacked by a ghost or is there another explanation ?

You can check out the clip for yourself below.

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