Hilarious Moment Loved-Up Bear Cuddles Up To A STATUE In Wyoming Backyard

A loved-up bear thought it had found its soulmate as it cuddled and kissed a ‘female’ – only to be given the cold shoulder when it turned out to be a statue.

Doug Yarrow, 75, was at home near Jackson Hole, Wyoming, when he spotted a black bear wandering around his grounds, taking a quick dip in his pond, and even trying to mate with his statue.

Hilarious footage sees the dopey bear trying to bond with what it thought was its new mate, only to be left disappointed by ‘her’ lack of response.

The clip shows the ‘love machine’ stand on its back legs and begin amorously rubbing its head and face against the polished metal sculpture, which has sat in Mr Yarrow’s backyard for around a year.

The bear wraps its paws around the statue, nicknamed ‘The Bearoness’, and gives it a long, loving embrace before nuzzling into its chin and kissing it.

Doug, a retired software company owner, said: ‘The bear was definitely looking for a new mate. He was really into rubbing all over her.

‘For all his efforts all he got was the cold shoulder which is why I couldn’t help but start laughing.

‘I just happened to walk over to the window that morning and saw the bear in the yard. It was a really happy accident.

‘It all started with the bear playing with the pump in my pond and was spraying it all over himself which scared him.

‘When he came back down from a tree, he made a beeline for the statue.

‘The sculpture has been in our yard for about a year or so now. It has definitely attracted more bears in the autumn but none have ever paid it this much close attention.’

Mr Yarrow said living around a mile from Grand Teton National Park, they get a lot of wildlife in their yard and he has a trail cam set up to spot any exciting encounters.

His video attracted hoards of attention online from commenters who the black bear ‘a big love machine’ and joked that the statue had been ‘playing hard to get’.

One person said: ‘He is a big love machine.’

Another wrote: ‘He’s just a love machine.’

A third penned: ‘Talk about a cold shoulder. Must not be her type.’

And a fourth joked: ‘She’s playing hard to get!’

Bears are not the only animal to believe statues are real, as a dopey dog mistook a metal statue for a human in Somerset and tried to play fetch with it.

In July last year, Chester, a ten-year-old springer spaniel, dropped his tennis ball at the feet of a fisherman statue in Watchet Harbour, Somerset.

He patiently waited for the statue, called Yankee Jack, to throw the ball for him in footage filmed on July 14.

For a full 90 seconds, Chester tries to get the statue to throw the ball, but fails to have any luck with the metal man.

His owner Debby Taylor, 54, from Crewe, Cheshire, was stunned to see Chester falling for the trick – and not for the first time either.

She said Chester has previously mistaken a wooden statue for a human, adding that he is ‘a lovely dog but so dopey’.

Here is the detail video:

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