Two Massive Crystal Pyramids Found In The Center Of Bermuda Triangle

Stories regarding the Bermuda Triangle (also known as the Devil’s Triangle), a place in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean where it believed. That many aircraft and ships have vanished in unexplained circumstances, date back to the 1950s.

And reports of a tantalizing pyramid of glass found at the bottom of the ocean go back at least to the 1960s. Which is when dr. Brown claimed he noticed such a structure while diving in the Bahamas, as detailed in this 1980 clip of “In Search of… the Bimini Wall” (an underwater rock formation near North Bimini Island in the Bahamas) (an underwater rock formation near North Bimini Island in the Bahamas)

Thanks to sophisticated science such as the oceanographer, Dr. Meyer Verlag found two massive pyramids three times bigger than the Pyramid of Cheops in Egypt. These pyramids constructed of unidentifiable crystalline content and found at a depth of 2,000 meters.

According to Dr. Meyer, this finding could be connected with numerous unexplained disappearances in the Bermuda Triangle. More research has shown that the equipment used in the building of the pyramids is now obscure and impossible to picture.

One of the several hypotheses linked to this theme notes that the pyramids constructed on the mainland. Only that a strong cataclysm totally changed the terrain. Something that may justify the present site of the pyramids. Another hypothesis that these pyramids aligned with the abandoned city of Atlantis.

The scale of the pyramids, coupled with their smooth surface. And the material with which they were constructed, disorientated the scientists. And they expect that further research would make it understandable.

The important point, though, is that the finding of these pyramids might support theories. That the pyramids were originally built as energy sources. Around the same period, they may even assert the presence not just of Atlantis. But of several other settlements still unknown or perhaps of great cultures that have vanished.

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