Apollo 17 photographed an Alien Spaceship in space. NASA images confirm this!

According to NASA, Apollo 17 was the last mission of the Apollo space program of the American space organization. The mission, which started on December 7, 1972, consisted of three astronauts, Commander Eugene Cernan, Pilot of the Ronald Evans Command Module and Harrison Schmitt, pilot of the Lunar Module

The Apollo 17 was also the third type mission “J “ characterized by an intense scientific investigation of the Moon, both from the surface and from the lunar orbit. Despite the similarity to the previous Apollo 15 and 16 missions, the objectives and experiments characterize this unique mission compared to the others. While Evans remained in lunar orbit aboard the Command Module, Cernan and Schmitt stopped a little over three days on the lunar surface in the Taurus-Littrow valley, conducting three periods of extravehicular activity, occupied in the collection of lunar samples and in the employment of scientific instruments. It was in this area of ​​Taurus-Littrow that unknown objects were sighted. Cernan, Evans and Schmitt returned on December 19 after a mission of about 12 days.


While most of the images were taken on the lunar surface, the astronauts also took images through the windows of their spaceship in space. After viewing many images, the investigator Michael of the channel The Kepler Telescope has found an image that shows what appears to be a partially transparent alien spacecraft next to the Apollo spacecraft.

Michael said: “I normally observe and am interested in seeing these objects, usually they turn out to be ice particles or thermal blankets or something similar, but this version of NASA concerning the images of Apollo 17 mission of 1972, seems to show something otherworldly, which does not belong to the Earth ”.


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