Argentine UFO Abduction Case Gets Attention of Government Officials

Few alleged UFO abduction cases have received as much attention as the one which occurred in a small Argentine town less than a month ago. Even fewer have received as much GOVERNMENT attention as the case of Irma Rick of Jacinto Araúz in La Pampa, Argentina. Rick mysteriously disappeared after hearing a loud noise and seeing a bright light. She was found 24 hours later, 40 miles away, not remembering anything else but still in possession of her cellphone. If she was abducted by a UFO, that cellphone could be the first known to have been on an extraterrestrial spaceship. Wouldn’t ANY government be interested in getting its hands on that?

Who could that be?

“The 3rd Judicial District of General Acha (La Pampa) has intervened as the competent body in this case. Dr. Juan Bautista Méndez took over the case in the court of first instance, but within a few days, investigative continuity fell to Dr. María Virginia Antón, deputy prosecutor, who was elevated to the position in June 2021.”

The go-to guy on the alien abduction case of Irma Rick is Luis Burgos, a well-known South American UFO investigator. After his initial investigation, he focused on the cellphone, which would be evidence in any missing person case. Burgos was able to interview Dr. Antón, who gave him some interesting and some disappointing answers. (See more on his website.)

  • The investigation aims at dismissing all “suspicious” that the event might have had: Spousal abuse, kidnapping, extortion, injury, etc.
  • Irma Rick’s smartphone is in the hands of judiciary at Dr. Antón’s request.
  • At first, a story circulated about Irma Rick’s spouse’s smartphone having also been taken. Dr. Antón denied this.
  • A medical report has been attached to the cause of action.
  • In principle, a report by an interdisciplinary team that visited the protagonist is yet to be attached.
  • The expert report on the infamous smartphone should be ready by February/March, as this matter takes time and Judicial Recess begins in January.
  • The results of the expert investigation will not be made public.

Antón’s department has Rick’s phone, appears to be treating it first as a criminal case, but will keep all results private. Luis Burgos doesn’t seem pleased with these answers. He notes on his website that the La Pampa area is a well-known UFO hotspot and the Irma Rick case is just the latest in a long string of unusual UFO-related occurrences there. He’s also worried that it will be ignored like so many other La Pampa incidents in the past.

“And it makes us wonder…if the Irma Rick case falls apart, collapses, or otherwise becomes uncertain, does it change Pampean case histories to any extent?”

Does no one care or are they hiding something?

Burgos hopes instead that the government will take its time and “the Irma Rick Case will serve to set a precedent in the subject of abductions and witnesses with smartphones.”

Will it? Let’s hope Luis Burgos keeps up the great work and keeps us informed.

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