US Air Force Technician Claims He Saw UFOs and 6ft ‘Shadow Person’ While Guarding Nukes

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In what he is calling an “exclusive with The Sun newspaper,” The Liberation Times writer Christopher Sharp released an interview with a former US Air Force nuclear weapons technician who claims he saw an “orb” during a nuclear weapon transport and a 6-foot-tall “shadow person” inside a secure area of Whiteman Air Force Base in Missouri between 2003 and 2007. Is this yet another extraterrestrial encounter at a US nuclear base? Why did he wait so long to come forward?
“Nothing was ever reported. Because if you did, you might be considered mentally unstable and have your clearance and PRP status (personal reliability program) revoked.”

Adrian Reister answered that question right away – he didn’t want to lose his job as a nuclear weapons technician at Whiteman Air Force Base, an ICBM missile base supporting LGM-30 Minuteman weapons systems and B-2 Stealth bombers and their weapons. Reister tells Sharp his first strange experience occurred in 2005 while he was supporting the transport of a nuclear weapon on the base.

A B-2A Spirit from the 509th Bomb Wing flying over Whiteman AFB. (Public domain)

This sounds similar to other UFO encounters reported by personnel at other US nuclear facilities. Reister had at least one more encounter with an orb, which he described as the “same single glowing orb, yellowish-white tint to it.” However, he doesn’t say what may have been going on at the base to prompt this visit. In neither case does he say if anyone else saw the orb.“The sound went away as I looked up and scanned the room. Not seeing anything I just shrugged my shoulders and went back to work. Within a few more minutes I heard barefoot walking again, away from the support area, and this time I got up to look around.”

Reister says his ‘shadow person’ encounter occurred in 2006 on the third shift while a training crew was locked in a separate bay performing work on a trainer bomb. It’s obviously strange to hear bare feet in an area where everyone wears boots.“I saw what I can’t really describe as other than a black mass in the shape of a person standing at 6ft, not really a shadow but something that was slightly blurry and didn’t reflect any light… it quickly turned the corner into the admin area of the shop, and I chased after it like a madman.”

That was the last Reister says he saw of the ‘shadow person’ in a highly secure area where no alarms were tripped and no seals were broken. In addition, it doesn’t appear anyone else saw the ‘shadow person’ – if they did, they kept it quiet like Reister. So, why has he come forward now to Sharp and The Sun? It appears he’s frustrated with what he sees as a lack of support from the government, military leaders and the general public for military personnel at nuclear bases who he implies are having similar encounters to his … and risking their lives in the process.

What was the ‘shadow’ person he saw?

Reister’s interview and revelations may convince others to come forward with their stories, but Sharp and The Sun got no answers to questions sent to Whiteman Air Force Base, which Sharp notes is the home of the 509th Operations Group which recovered the alleged crashed UFO at Roswell in 1947.

Will any other witnesses come forward to support Adrian Reister’s claims? If they do, what was the ‘shadow person’ seen in a highly secure area? Will the Pentagon investigate past cases like this one as part of its new commitment to investigate current military encounters with UFOs? Will Adrian Reister start making the rounds as another military UFO witness … or will he disappear?

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