First there was news from NASA that would be “one for the history books.”

Then there wasn’t news and it was all a misunderstanding.

Then there was news again. You can -and I do- make the case that this is old news because Viking found evidence on Mars that the NASA scientists then decided “wasn’t life” because clearly the stars weren’t aligned somewhere yet. (Most suspicious. Quote. Ever.)

In Viking’s case, to sum up, the results of one experiment showed that the conditions on Mars couldn’t support the presence of microbial life so that other experiment that did find evidence of life “couldn’t be right.”

This is classic NASA logic. NASANever A Straight Answer.

You may also recall that the Viking mission is better known for a rather famous photograph. So it’s probably not the best time to say “Oh, by the way, there’s actual life on Mars. There’s that face and pyramid thing over there which we don’t really get and there’s also life. G’night!”

Here’s what happened following Viking, according to Dr Michael Brooks’ 13 Things That Don’t Make Sense:

Almost everything in NASA’s armoury since Viking has been about detecting what we think are the conditions for life – at least as we know it. Instead of looking for life, we are obsessed with finding out about the composition of the surface of Mars, looking at the rocks, and the patterns they contain that might or might not indicate the past or present existence of water.

(Ed: Why ever might that be? Care to ask Elon Musk?)

But because it is a source of power-created truth, I want to unpack some of its components. Seems to me that developing an understanding of your position in the universe is central to a magical life and one of our principal sources of data for this understanding is an opaque, lying, paramilitary organisation created by Nazis, Freemasons and at least one Thelemite. (Who’s the freak, now?)


Given the momentous news that is and isn’t just happening, of course it would be this last Sunday –after being delayed by an enormous show-off stag in Richmond Park standing right in the middle of the lane– that I finally take a few photos of Staveley Road. Because, in one of those very entertaining syncs, it turns out I live in the area of London that received the most damage from SS Major and NASA scientist Werner Von Braun’s V2 rockets… the paternal grandfather of the Apollo shuttle.

Yeesh, right? Where are the Nazi rockets when you need them? (Too soon?)

Incidentally, these are the same rockets that were repeatedly intercepted and often disabled in the stratosphere by UFOs after being launched from White Sands Proving Ground. (Which, if you haven’t heard the name before… Google Map it, then zoom out and look for towns beginning with R.)

You ever thought about what would happen if you tried to construct a love spell with graveyard dirt, rat intestines and the powdered bones of a serial rapist? To me, this typifies NASA’s situation. However much there are earnest scientists fighting the Good Fight within it, its egregore is built the way it is… on Nazi magic and Masonic ritual timing and weird Egyptian symbolism.

And now it turns out that at least 100 top scientists have left JPL because of the extreme paranoia and terrifying levels of security vetting required just to get anywhere near the Mars data. Some have even sued the federal government.

Not surprisingly, many scientists and engineers at JPL took umbrage at this extreme invasion of their private lives. Neighbors and old colleagues and acquaintances, ex-spouses, etc. were going to be interrogated about their drug-use history, their drinking habits, their juvenile arrest records, their sexual orientation-all those things that prying agents like to get into when doing a security clearance background check–as if they were applying for positions in the CIA or the Secret Service.

Further down the article:

What upset her most, she says, was NASA’s plan to use the information it obtained on its scientists’ and employees’ lives to create a “suitability matrix,” which would be used to see if they merited continued employment. In questioning JPL management, Foster says people learned that this “suitability matrix” would be considering things like “whether JPL scientists had participated in political demonstrations that could qualify in NASA’s scheme of things as disorderly conduct, disturbing the peace, resisting arrest, unlawful assembly”

Hehe. Matrix. Said without irony. One wonders what the vetting questions are like: Are you prepared to violate dearly-held scientific and democratic principles in support of a dangerous and unaccountable radical right wing cabal still running off Nazi psy-tech and money… or are you sane?

Here’s what I said last time:

This was to soon change with Eisenhower’s murky creation of NASA out of a peculiar combination of postwar scientific optimism, Nazi technology/technologists and the now-infamous Brookings Report. Famous-among-Pagans anthropologist, Margaret Mead, was one of its co-authors. Recalling her experience of what happens to traditional societies when they encounter western ones (they get fucked), she essentially recommended the government lie about alien discoveries.

So there you have it. Baked into the birth of the greatest exploratory organisation mankind has ever created is a policy of not telling us what they find if they don’t think we’re up to it. And so commenced 60 years of running two space programmes:

  • The real one which very likely includes encounters with ancient alien tech.
  • The public or ‘boring’ one which is about moon rocks and involves destroying or altering photographic evidence.

As for the official “reason” why President Kennedy approved the Apollo missions… the reason that is inexplicably swallowed today? From the introduction to Richard Hoagland’s Dark Mission:

This was widely believed, then and now, to be Kennedy’s effort to demonstrate to the world the superiority of the American system, as opposed to Soviet communism.

However, at the United Nations on September 20, 1963, the President suddenly issued a public invitation to the Soviets only two years into the Apollo “race” to the moon: an offer of a “cooperative, joint US/USSR lunar expedition.”

One of the widely held beliefs in ufology for the last thirty years has been the existence of a military plan to attack the moon with missiles should the architects of the structures they saw up there turn out to be hostile.

And hey… a few days ago… the plan to destroy the moon with nuclear weapons made the news! (Busy few days for space news, huh?) The cover story for this sheer insanity? The same as the Apollo missions… to “show the Soviets the US is better.” Bullshit. child would reject this as a military strategy.

So we have a moon mission to allegedly demonstrate technical superiority. Early on in this mission, the President invites his competitors to this lunar picnic. Two months after the invitation, the guy throwing the picnic is killed by the CIA. Then it turns out that Carl Sagan himself may have been involved in plans to bomb the park where the picnic was being thrown.

I want to let Carl speak for himself as we close this section:

A central lesson of science is that to understand complex issues (or even simple ones), we must try to free our minds of dogma and to guarantee the freedom to publish, to contradict, and to experiment. Arguments from authority are unacceptable.

—Billions and Billions: Thoughts of Life and Death at the Brink of the Millennium, 1997


The Viking mission is known among weirdos for two things… the discovery and then the “debunking” (ugh) of the discovery of extraterrestrial life and the Cydonia photos. And you know what? It could all just be a badly managed scientific experiment were it not for the context -the mid to late seventies- of the actual mission.

Realisation had started to grow that livestock mutilations involving laser organ removal was actually a thing. Some of the more spectacular abduction cases occurred. There was some movie or other that came out that turned out to be moderately popular.

And then there’s Carter. Carter who was one of two presidents who have publicly admitted seeing a UFO and one of four who have publicishly admitted their existence. According to Richard Dolan, the source of the quote below, one of Carter’s close personal aides came into the oval office after he’d had “the briefing” to find him slumped at the desk, sobbing. (Sidebar: I’ve never understood the ‘disclosure’ movement. Poland, Mexico, the UK, France, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Brazil, India, Guatemala, Italy, Canada… I could go on. All on record.)

From a variety of sources -including Shirley MacLaine several times- it’s believed that Carter asked his outgoing CIA director for the whole UFO story only to be told it was on a need to know basis. The most reliable source is Marcia Smith, a Russian rocketry expert, by way of Dan Sheehan. History buffs will recall that Carter’s outgoing CIA boss was one George Herbert Walker Bush Snr.

Back to NASA, however. This is from Dolan’s The Cover-Up Exposed, 1973-1991 (UFOs and the National Security State):

The UFO topic had not been a happy subject for the Carter White House. Within a mere few months, it had prompted a deluge of citizen letters, sparked futile inquiries within the national security establishment, generated unwelcome tabloid press attention, and encouraged some serious leaks.

By the fall of 1977, matters were fast approaching a climax and resolution. On September 14, Frank Press of the White House once again asked NASA administrator Robert Frosch for help with the UFO mail problem. This was unwelcome enough, but Press then compounded his ufopaux by repeating his suggestion from July, that maybe the time was right for another study of the UFO issue. Perhaps a panel of prominent scientists might “conduct an investigation of the validity and significance of UFO reports.” Frosch’s shudders were enough to keep NASA out of this, but the CIA and Air Force had also been advising NASA to steer clear.

Two weeks earlier, on September 1, Colonel Charles Senn, Chief of USAF Community Relations Division, wrote to Lt. General Duward Crow of NASA, “I sincerely hope that you are successful in preventing a reopening of UFO investigations.” Everyone knew that this had been a twenty-year public relations headache for the Air Force. NASA’s hierarchy essentially agreed with the Condon Committee report. Despite the political and fiscal dangers in opposing the President, NASA’s institutional instinct was to run far, and run fast. NASA did grudgingly take on additional letter-answering duties, but the Carter administration lacked the desire to push any harder for an actual investigative body on UFOs. This is evident in the termination of Alfred Webre’s proposed extraterrestrial communications project, which Webre had worked on at Stanford Research Institute through the summer of 1977, and for which he was counting on White House support. There is some disagreement as to how this actually happened, but there is no question that Webre did propose the project, and that it was terminated in September. The open question is why.

The UFO mail problem referred to arose because of comments Carter had made in a newspaper about his 1969 UFO sighting. As for Alfred Webre’s proposed extraterrestrial communication project? Well… for wizards, that one is much more interesting. It’s the last time the Establishment came close to building the necessary tech for extraterrestrial communication. That is… at least publicly. Russell Targ, formerly of the Stanford Research Institute, has made several public comments that he’s “not sure whether the remote viewing project continued in some pentagon basement.”

The ‘mermaid’ of Mars. This is probably pareidolia but my whole point is how can we know with all the bullshit we’re fed? Also… pretty.

And it’s to the SRI we now turn. From the same book:

In 1977, Alfred Webre was a Senior Policy Analyst at the Center for the Study of Social Policy at Stanford Research Institute, where a great deal of intelligence-related research was contracted – including remote viewing work. When he arrived there in January 1977, he stated his intention to develop an “extraterrestrial communication” project with White House backing, and wasted no time in getting started.

Webre assumed that, given some of Carter’s public statements from the previous year, a research project sponsored by the White House (and perhaps collaborating with agencies such as the National Science Foundation or NASA), might be able to withstand challenges from elsewhere. He planned three phases to the project. First would be the creation of a comprehensive UFO database. Next, scientific advisers would evaluate the data and construct interpretive models, including but not limited to the extraterrestrial and interdimensional model. Finally, a report and policy recommendations would be made, possibly resulting in the creation of a permanent, open, global database under independent control.

Webre also envisioned a recommendation for ending the military and intelligence secrecy on the subject. He made inquiries among White House staffers, and was eventually referred to a person whose name he has not remembered in subsequent years, referred to in a later affidavit as “Jane Doe.” This person was a staff member of the White House Domestic Policy Staff (under Stuart Eisenstadt) and, according to Webre, was supportive of his proposal when he met with her that spring in Washington D.C. He returned to SRI, further developed his proposal, and received corporate approval. Before long, he flew back to Washington to meet with Jane Doe again. She told him his concept had been approved, he gave her a copy of the proposal, and they discussed the contract research process, as SRI would have to be awarded a research contract for the study. She then said she would get the proposal to her superiors. Although she did not name who these people were, Webre was unconcerned as it was still early in the discussion. Little did he know that he would not meet with his White House contact again.

The Stanford Research Institute was a very odd place. Awash with pentagon funding, it was doing some very strange things… most famously it was attempting to ‘weaponise’ remote viewing. And I keep coming back to it as the missing-link/near-miss in extradimensional communication because it is quite clear that consciousness is the key component in extraterrestrial/dimensional contact. (Along with everything else, if you ask me… but you knew that.) If we were ever to have a publicly acknowledged SETI programme that actually worked then this would have been it.

So now I’m going to share the strangest story in this post… a story that sits somewhere in the middle of the SRI strangeness spectrum, in the grand scheme of things. (From Dolan’s book.)

Meanwhile, remote viewer Ingo Swann continued his interesting adventures. During the summer of 1976, he received a plain package in the mail, lacking even a postmark (although it did have stamps). The package contained a book and nothing more: Somebody Else is On the Moon, by George Leonard. Leonard was a former NASA scientist and photo analyst who had obtained photographs of the Moon, several of which he published in his book, unfortunately of small size and poor resolution. But he did describe original prints, which he said were huge, and he published the identifying code numbers of the photos. Some of the images and accompanying sketches were very close to Swann’s drawings for Axelrod. One photo showed a diamond shaped enclosure containing an ‘L’ shaped construction within. Leonard argued that NASA secretly knew of alien activity on the Moon.

He also claimed that President Kennedy’s initiative to put Americans on the Moon was driven by secret discoveries made from earth-based telescopes during the 1950s, virtually proving activity on the Moon. Years later, the images continued to generate opinions ranging from “crackpot interpretation” to “outstanding.” Critics maintained the images show anomalies merely because of low resolution, that higher resolution images show them to be natural formations. ccvi  Leonard’s thesis received some support during the 1990s, when someone else claimed to have seen clear NASA photos of structures and machinery on the Moon.

In 1979, Vito Saccheri, an industrial engineer, was shown a copy of Leonard’s book by another engineer named Lester Howes. The two arranged to go to Houston’s NASA headquarters and asked to see the photos. Since this was a first, NASA checked with Langley, Virginia (presumably the CIA). But the NASA photo archive, which housed over two million images, was legally available, and the two men were admitted to review it. “There were, however, strict rules,” according to Saccheri. They had three eight-hour business days to review the material. They were not allowed any writing or recording devices of any kind, and could not be left alone with the photos. According to Saccheri, the images were highly suggestive of anomalies, far more obvious than in Leonard’s book. Some examples included: … obvious machinery on the surface, showing bolted sections; three dilapidated ‘bridges’ crossing a chasm that reminded me of the Grand Canyon … three surprising pyramids that prompted me later to closely study the Egyptian Giza pyramid complex; apparent pipelines criss-crossing the surface, running to and from craters; a UFO rising from the surface and photographed directly above a crater; and perhaps the most memorable, the unmistakable figure of a rectangular structure placed squarely in the biggest crater pictured – the structure looked either very old or under construction, but the crater had to be miles wide, and the camera angle gave a perfect three-dimensional view. The best came at the end.

On their last day, Saccheri was allowed by the librarian to examine a series of binders detailing NASA’s scientific experiments conducted in space, as well as transcripts of the manned space flights, including the Moon landings. While browsing the transcripts, Saccheri’s eyes widened: “Houston, we’ve got a bogey at two o’clock.” “Roger that, Apollo. Switching to alpha. Roll eight degrees and begin sequence…” Saccheri could not believe what he was reading. Looking through other mission transcripts, he found similar dialogue: “Mission Control, we’ve got Santa Claus coming over the hill…” “Roger, Apollo. Hold your fix. Switching bravo. Do you copy?” “Roger, Houston. Bravo link…” Saccheri later learned from a Moon photo researcher named Marvin Czarnick that code words such as alpha and bravo referred to special switching stations around the country that ‘switched’ broadcast reception away from Houston and Mission Control to missile bases in the northwest portion of the country, as they were equipped with “secured communications equipment.” During the 1990s, UFO researcher Michael Lindemann noted that the only space mission to the Moon since the Apollo missions had been the classified, military-funded Clementine unmanned probe, which conducted hi-resolution photography of the entire lunar surface. “Almost none of those photos have been released to public view,” he stated.

At this point, it’s worth mentioning that about a dozen people have come forward who have worked in NASA photo labs, performing or having witnessed photo manipulation. At least three of them have said they’ve seen tech on the back side of the moon. Then there’s Apollo 8’s mysterious statement, made after emerging from the back side of the moon (admittedly on Christmas Day): “Houston, there is a Santa Claus.”

It’s also worth pointing out that, however highly suspicious the delivery of the book to Ingo Swann was… this is a man whose remote views of Jupiter included rings and spots that were subsequently verified by scientific observation. The CIA paid him to look at the back side of a moon and he saw an alien base. Russell Targ told Richard Dolan in conversation that he was at Fort Meade in the early 80s, training military personnel to remote view the back side of the moon. Whether you believe the story of photographic evidence of moon bases or not… the successful use of remote viewing of regions of our solar system still stands. It happened and it worked.

Kinda sheds a different light on that ‘we were going to nuke the moon because of teh russianz‘ bullshit, huh?

In a recent marathon podcast, this quote from Christopher Loring Knowles seems appropriate:

I don’t think being a cheerleader for the Establishment is being skeptical, I think that’s being a douchebag. I don’t think that’s being a skeptic. I think that’s being an asshole… It requires a degree of denial that is a refutation of the idea of skepticism. It’s not skepticism… it’s denialism.


So we have a little robot on Mars. We have NASA -when not promoting dreadful RnB albums (seriously, WTF?)-  being particularly coy with the press. And we have Obama, who in one of the most creative psy-op attacks in a while (certainly more creative than that birth certificate crap), has people claiming he has actually been to Mars. (Sidebar: He’s been just as kind to the elite as the last few presidents so it’s hard not to see racism behind the sheer volume of spook games he’s had to put up with.)

Here’s Grant Cameron’s analysis of whether Obama is a space president, beginning in the situation room with a white house tour he gave Will and Jaden Smith:

Obama continued with what is know as a Glomar response which is usually used by officials who have been briefed on a classified program but who cannot even acknowledge the existence of the program because of the level of secrecy.

“I can neither confirm nor deny the existence of extra-terrestrials,” Obama told Jaden,” but I can tell you if there had been a top secret meeting it would have taken place in this room.”…

In an August 13, 2012 phone call to the NASA running the related to the landing of the Curiosity rover on Mars, Obama stated. Instead of just simple congratulations Obama strangely brought up the subject of Martians,

“Someone asked me the other day if you had already found Martians. I told them we have to give you a little bit of time… If in fact you do make contact with Martians, please let me know right away,” President Obama said, “because I’ve got a lot of other things on my plate, but I suspect that will go to the top of the list, even if they’re just microbes.”

You don’t say, Mr President?

A history of dismissing promising evidence of microbial life, a longer history of photo manipulation, a policy of deliberate non-disclosure, an increasingly paranoid security environment around Martian science, repeated warning offs of certain subjects by the military, a recently-released plan to bomb the moon, real-life astronauts admitting there are artificial structures on Phobos, an unofficial policy of lying over even the most trivial things (Hoagland worked out they lied about losing a radio signal because a TV anchor had got drunk the night before the first moon landing and was late to the studio. NASA said moon mountains were in the way), and now we have cryptic messages about microbial life from this extremely ritualistic president?

Have a look at this video. It’s straight from a composite of Curiosity’s landing site.

I’m not saying this is deliberate photo manipulation. Long ago and far away I actually did some background compositing for broadcast. This doesn’t look like it to me because the colouration and orientation are different across the cloned objects. But to call my post-production skills rusty would be an understatement.

Now watch as this guy uses the clone tool as a demonstration of just how easy it is.

What areas of the Martian landscape might you want to clone over?

Oh, I don’t know, but I’ll take a guess. How about very obvious evidence of living or former microbial life? So that you could… I don’t know… get your security-vetted scientists to hint at it repeatedly and gauge how the news is received… then say you might have found something and gauge how the news is received… then eventually tell us that, yes, you’ve found something. (Recall that the for the first few days of the mission, NASA only released really shitty quality images. They claim this is because they hadn’t taken the plastic caps off the lenses yet and they wanted to be certain that ‘all the dust had settled’ before they did. Yeah, okay. Sure. I just thought maybe it was you guys carrying on your 60 year tradition of only releasing degraded, manipulated copies and destroying original film like what happened to the reels that came back with Apollo 11.)


Boy, you can really smell the whisky on the breath of this post, huh?

Knowledge of our place in the near-cosmos has been almost completely militarised and I consider it a magical subject of too much import to let that go unchallenged. If we are lucky, our archonic overlords may deign to tell us that we once shared the solar system with some old goo. (Implicit in such a revelation is the charge that we are nothing but goo.) That is why the universal is political.

And I reject whatever barren narrative trickles down and oozes out of an unreliable, paramilitary mouthpiece built by war criminals and spies that also has appalling taste in music. From a chaos perspective, it’s my contention that good science should always inform your relationship to magic… but this just isn’t science. It’s seeing the multiverse the way we’re told to see it by people who don’t want us to see it clearly. It’s archonese.

From Jacques:

The view that ETs and humans may have such divergent ways of conceptualizing the world that there can be no mutual understanding is referred to as the “Incommensurability Problem” in the SETI literature (Vakoch, 1995, 1999). The cognitive mismatch or Incommensurability Problem between human and ET cultures will guarantee that the latter will develop communication techniques other than radio. ET cultures may be sending radio and optical signals to Earth now but they may also be sending signals in a variety of other forms such as holographic images, psychic or other consciousness-related signals, modulated neutrinos, gamma ray bursters, wormhole-modulated starlight caustics, signals generated by gravitational lensing techniques, modulated X-rays, quantum teleported signals, or some quantum field theoretic effect, etc. The Incommensurability Problem even applies to the problem of understanding UAP manifestations within the framework of the ETH.

Without even raising the question of whether ETs or UAP entities can “see”, we may be wise not to overestimate the importance of pictorial representations for them. The same applies for ET/UAP transmissions to us. We can see and gain knowledge by sight, but ET/UAP signals potentially bombarding the Earth could be misunderstood, unrecognized or undetected because we are not employing paradigms involving our other modalities, such as psychic functioning.

Or to put that another way:

The human mind is a stargate.  In fact, it is probably the only real stargate there is.  We don’t realize that because from the time we become aware as children, we are told that we live in a tiny box called earth.  Within that tiny box the mind inhabits another even tinier box called the human body.  From these two boxes, there can be no escape but death, which is not really an escape from the box, but the moment the mind and its personality enters an eternal oblivion.

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