They are watching us and these 10 aliens spotting destinations around the world are proof that we are not alone here. Here are top 10 Aliens spotting destinations around the world.


Kecksberg, Pennsylvania – 1965

In December of 1965 inhabitants of Kecksburg, Pennsylvania saw a red hot ball shooting over the sky and watched it collided with the adjacent woods. In the following minute, the police and the military were reserving the territory to keep spectators under control, and nobody realized what was going on, except that something extensive escaped on a flatbed truck. The occasion went into legend, and there has since been a copy developed, portraying what individuals think smashed in the forested areas.


Otherwise called “Operation Saucer”, in 1977 there were a few UFOs spotted over the island of Colares, situated in Brazil. These sightings had various witnesses (400 aggregate) who guaranteed to have been assaulted by radiation bars, which left injuries including cut wounds and blazes. A few witnesses even announced having their blood sucked.

Japan Air – 1986

In November of 1986, Japan Airlines Flight 1628 was conveying a shipment of wine amongst Paris and Tokyo. Commander Kenju Terauchi, a veteran pilot of 29 years, was no more peculiar to the skies. While the plane was over Alaska, travellers and team on Flight 1628 noticed a splendid flying item in their view that was around three circumstances the span of a plane carrying warship.


Phoenix Lights – 1997

Battle of Los Angeles – 1942

In February of 1942, the United States was all the while recouping from the Japanese assault on Pearl Harbor in December of 1941. Along these lines, an unidentified flying article was found floating over the city of Los Angeles, the city went into a close frenzy, as there were many witnesses. The military got included, military aircraft were shooting at the UFO, and a spotlight was sparkling on the protest as the administration was attempting to make sense of what it was.


In Phoenix, Arizona on March thirteenth, 1997, you may have been admiring the skies and pondering what on the planet you were seeing. Truth be told, strange lights were seen more than five different urban communities in the condition of Arizona. To begin with, there was a column of six lights seen over Phoenix (the main city to report the lights), then it was trailed by another line of eight lights moving as one, and that was trailed by nine associated lights

Chile – 2010

UFO was sighted at the El Bosque Air Force Base in Santiago, Chile, amid their yearly aviation expo, which included aerobatic exhibitions from the world’s finest pilots. The regular citizen who took the video didn’t see the abnormality on film until he returned home to survey it.

Jerusalem – 2011

This was not the first occasion when that Jerusalem had a locating of a UFO armada or single art drifting over the city before shooting up into the sky. An armada was discovered in 2012 and before that in 2011, both over a similar general range.

Olympics – 2012

Anybody that was watching or taking an interest in the London Olympic Games in 2012 will most likely recall this one. Amid the opening functions, a UFO was spotted inside the firecrackers show

International Space Station – 2012/13

It’s somewhat astonishing there aren’t more stories from this specific area. Maybe, these kinds of sightings have more validity to them since the International Space Station would have an awesome view entering and leaving UFO from our climate. The ISS has a gushing video on their site, and many individuals watch and help with distinguishing UFO’s from the solace and security of their homes.


Melbourne – 2013

One all around reported case occurred in September 2013, when film over Carlton Gardens showed that there was an unidentified flying article hanging over focal Melbourne. While a few people found the locating with their telephones, there were other people who got comparable action with their infrared cameras.


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