Move Over, Tic Tacs – US Navy Ship Encounters Glowing Round UFOs

The UFOs most associated with US Navy air craft carriers – the ones that finally moved the US government and the Pentagon to establish a UFO research organization and open (somewhat) its files – are the Tic Tacs, named for the mint candy they resemble. That changed this week when a filmmaker who produced a documentary on the USS Nimitz Tic Tac encounter revealed that another Navy aircraft carrier saw ball-shaped UFOs in October 2021. Did he choose a proper candy for the nickname?

No one meses with the US Navy (not the USS Kearsarge)
“During this underway the Marines operating the LMADIS unit on the USS Kearsarge were standing watch at night when suddenly they visually spotted two “car-sized” lighted objects following the ship a half-mile behind them and approx. 200 feet in the air. They tried to gain a track using the FLIR thermal targeting optics and could not. Likewise, it’s unclear if the crew could get a radar lock. So they switched to the video camera and sure enough, these two objects came into view and they began recording.”

On his blog, documentary filmmaker (The Nimitz Encounters) David Beaty recently recounted the unbelievable story told to him by ‘Mark’ – a former Marine pilot who was told by a reliable source about multiple incidents in October and possibly November 2021 witnessed by personnel on the USS Kearsarge — a 843-foot-long Wasp-class amphibious transport dock ship nicknamed “Gator Freighters” which carry both landing craft and helicopters. At the time, the USS Kearsarge was in training workups in the Atlantic Ocean off the east coast of the US. According to ‘Mark’, the Kearsarge tracked these UFOs for several nights in an area “most likely just off Cherry Point and Camp Lejeune, possibly as far north as Virginia Beach.”

“Each ball of light was .5 miles behind the ship at 200′ doing shackle turns in November. About the size of a car is what I am told.”

‘Mark’ told Beaty the USS Kearsarge Marines on the deck thought these were “drones” and this was a planned “surprise” raining operation, so they attempted to jam them with counter-UAV technology, but the two objects were unaffected and continued following the vessel. The crew then went up the chain of command and were told that the UFOs were “Not ours” – even though maneuvered like our military drones, making low and slow “shackle turns” where the one on the left moved to the right and the one on the right moved to the left crossing in the middle.

“Mark said the Kearsarge once again encountered similar objects in January during COMPTUEX workups but it was only one object this time.”

Beaty is perplexed as to why these multiple encounters with UFOs were not made public and he has no idea what or whose they are. He implies the Marines would probably have taken stronger action if they knew these were “Chinese military drones operating off nearby commercial ships.” ‘Mark’ described the objects as having ordinary drone-like flight characteristics. The only thing unusual were their “menacing” lights.

Whose drones are flying over US eaches and near Navy ships … and why?

“I have FOIA’s in for the deck logs and command operations reports from USS Kearsarge as well as FOIAs seeking the emails, intel reports, and messages about drones.”

This story is just beginning. Beaty admits that the testimony is secondhand – ‘Mark’ got it from a trusted friend – so he’s requested logs from the USS Kearsarge. Knowing how long it took to get data on the Tic Tacs, he could be in for a long wait … unless the newly-formed government UFO department is more responsive than before.

That just leaves a candy description for the new UFOs. While ‘Mark’ was told they were filmed, that has not been made public, so we don’t know their color – just their shape. Gumballs? Malt Balls? Easter eggs? Choose carefully – it could be famous!

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