8 US Pilots Reveal Their Secret UFO Encounters

For many decades, the content of the document remained secret, and the former pilots have retired and do not keep official secrets anymore. New facts of their contacts with UFOs during their stay in the ranks of military or civil aviation open up. Here is the 8 US Pilots Reveal Their Secret UFO Encounters.

The first meeting

Secret UFO Encounters
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In the evening of June 29, 1954, James Howard, the commander of the airliner of the British airline BOAC, was heading to London from New York.

Approximately 30 minutes after the takeoff, Howard received a signal from the New York Air Traffic Control Center to direct the aircraft to the coast of Rhode Island and stay in the area until further instructions. After ID-12 minutes, Howard informed the Center that he only had fuel on the specified route, and asked for permission to continue the flight. He was allowed on condition that he would make a “hook” and fly over the Cape Cod Bay in the north of the state.

Three hours later, when the plane was at an altitude of 7000 meters above the St. Lawrence River (the Canadian province of Quebec), several UFOs appeared in the sky, they remained within a line of sight for about 20 minutes.

Later, Howard described them in his report: “They flew at about the same speed as we – about 400 km / h in a parallel course, being about three miles northwest of us. These objects were observed by all the crew members of the aircraft, and the navigator determined the parameters of their movement. “

Howard immediately reported to the Control Center about his observations. They confirmed the receipt of the message and suggested that in future, they should report on all “abnormal” events and situations during the flight. However, after another two hours, Howard unexpectedly received an order to make an unplanned landing in the Canadian town of Goose Bay on the western tip of the Labrador Peninsula. Immediately after the landing of the plane, Howard and all of his crew were interviewed by the staff of the US Air Force Intelligence Department. It seemed that they were not surprised by what they heard. Later, he learned that at a time when his plane was circling over Rhode Island, the Air Force reconnaissance had already been following a group of UFOs flying northeast and discovered earlier over the state of Massachusetts. A visiting doctor and his wife, who were there on vacation, reported about them at one of the police stations.

The second meeting

Secret UFO Encounters
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On June 4, 1955, the crew of the RB-47 Boeing, a medium-range reconnaissance aircraft flying over the Viscount Melville Channel off the northern coast of Canada, installed radar and then visual contact with the UFO. It was a silvery-gray color device at about 5000 meters far from the plane, and the pilots were watching it for nine minutes. Subsequently, the journalists noticed that during the entire period of observation, the UFO was also photographed using a high-speed movie camera, but the air force’s security personnel said that the quality of the footage was very low, and therefore it was impossible to extract useful information from it.

On June 7, the Air Force command sent the second reconnaissance aircraft to the same area, only equipped with the latest radio, photo and cinematographic equipment, as well as the most modern radar. On the same day, this aircraft from Eielson Air Base in Alaska entered the radar contact of a UFO three times over Banks Island near the north-eastern coast of Canada. But the Air Force did not report any details about this episode.

The third meeting

Secret UFO Encounters
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On April 8, 1956, the commander of a civil airliner Raymond Rayyan and co-pilot William Nahl suddenly saw a flying UFO in front of them with dazzlingly bright white lights. Rayyan directed the plane abruptly upward, while the UFO, suddenly lit up in orange, made a turn 90 degrees to the right and rushed past them at their very nose at a speed of at least 1500 kilometers per hour. Fearing new “tricks” from the UFO, the commander reported the incident to the nearby US Air Force base Griffis. In response, Rayyan was told that they found an orange glow of unknown origin at an altitude of 2500 meters and already sent two interceptors there, and he was offered to turn the landing lights off, change course and follow the area of the current location of the UFO. Rayyan obeyed the order, but his liner failed to approach the UFO, which was much superior in speed and maneuverability even to interceptors, and soon disappeared from sight near Lake Ontario. Rayyan returned the liner to the previous course and soon safely landed at the airport of the city of Syracuse.

The fourth meeting

Secret UFO Encounters
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On February 19, 1956, at 22.50, a mark suddenly appeared on the radar screens of the Paris airport, Orly. It could correspond to the reflected signal for any known type of aircraft. Then tracked by radars and judging by the mark, a giant UFO within the next four hours, as if demonstrating its capabilities, maneuvered in the sky, developing fantastic speeds and making incredibly steep turns. So, being at some point in time over the city of Gomez-le-Chatel, the object moved 30 kilometers to the side in 30 seconds. To do it, the craft had to develop a speed of 3600 kilometers per hour.

At that time, over the military air base Les Mureaux, about 40 kilometers from Orly, at an altitude of 1,400 meters, a DC-3 Dakota transport aircraft flew by. The dispatcher informed the Dakota commander that an unidentified object was in the air, 250 meters below his plane. The Dakota radio operator saw a UFO through the cabin window and reported that the object is huge and glows red. Later, the commander of the Desava plane sent a report to the French Ministry of Aviation as follows:

“We had been watching UFOs for 30 seconds, but could not accurately determine either its shape or dimensions. During the flight, these parameters are difficult to evaluate. However, we are all sure in one thing: it was not a civilian aircraft. It did not have navigational lights, which, according to international laws, should be on any such aircraft. Then Orly warned me that the UFO was approaching to our left, and I turned the plane towards it. But in a few seconds, Orly reported that the facility turned around and headed north toward Le Bourget airport. And in ten minutes, the dispatcher reported that the UFO was already several kilometers above us. But we could not see it anymore … “

The fifth meeting

Secret UFO Encounters
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In the morning of September 4, 1957, the link in the 1st formation of the four F-84 jet fighters of the Portuguese Air Force, under the command of Captain Lemos Ferreira, flew from the air base of Ota for a training flight. That day, the weather was cloudy, there was a full moon, and the visibility was over 70 kilometers. In his report, Captain Ferreira stated in detail about the following events:

“… When at 20.06 we reached Granada and started to turn right to take a course on Portalegre, I saw an unusual source of light above the horizon to my left. I decided to inform other pilots about it, and we began discussing what we saw on the radar, but we could not understand what the observed object was. It looked like an unusually large and very bright, sparkling star. In the center, there was a nucleus, the color of which was changing all the time,from green to blue, while taking a reddish, sometimes yellowish hue. Suddenly, the object began to grow rapidly and became six times larger than it was a few seconds ago. Then, after a few seconds, it began to decrease as quickly and soon turned into a dull yellowish star, barely visible over the mountain.

Such extensions and compression were repeated several times, and after each change of magnitude, the object remained in its new form for a few seconds. All the while, the position of the UFO relative to our course remained unchanged, approximately at an angle of 40 deg on the port side, so we could not determine what caused the changes in the size of the object staying at the same distance from us.

The mentioned transformations were repeating within eight minutes. After that, it began descending to the horizon line and simultaneously moved, eventually taking a new position relative to our course – at an angle of 90 deg on the port side.

At 20.38, I decided to land, gave the command to make a left turn and take a course on Coruche, remaining at the same height of 7,500 meters. We turned almost 50 deg, but the UFO was again on the left at an angle of 90 deg, however, much lower than us, but it became much closer. All this could happen only if it also made the appropriate maneuver.

Now, the UFO was bright red and shaped like a curved bean pod. A few minutes later, we saw a small circle of yellow lights near the “pod”. Soon, three more such lights appeared next to him. They moved quickly, their mutual position was changing all the time. We still could not determine the distance to these objects, although they realized that they were close enough and located below us. But it was obvious that the “big object” was 10 to 15 times bigger than the yellow circles were, and that it somehow managed them.

As we approached Coruche, the UFO suddenly “fell” down, and then rushed headlong upwards towards us. In the view of the unexpected danger of collision, each pilot independently performed the evasion maneuver, the aircraft lost its control for a while. After a few seconds, they made the aircraft balanced. And when they looked around, they discovered that the UFO had disappeared. Later, the flight proceeded normally, we landed safely at our base.

We had been watching the UFOs for forty-odd minutes but did not understand what it was. Nevertheless, we are all sure that it was not a balloon, an airplane, a planet Venus, or some other object from among those that appear in absurd attempts to explain the UFO phenomenon with the help of ordinary concepts…”

The sixth meeting

Secret UFO Encounters
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On November 15, 1960, the crew of the reconnaissance aircraft RB-57 of the US Air Force, departing from the Airbase in East Sale, Australia, noticed a UFO in the air, 50 kilometers from the Tasmania Island. On this occasion, the commander of the aircraft sent the leadership of the intelligence service of the Australian Air Force the following report:

“At about 10.40 local time, when we were 25 kilometers from Launceston, my navigator detected an aircraft approaching us from the port side. Our altitude was 12,000 meters, speed of 600 km / h, course 340 ‘. I also saw an object approaching at a very high speed, and the navigator showed that it was not an airplane and that it looked more like a balloon. It reached at an altitude of about 10,000 meters, heading 140 ‘. Based on my experience, I determined that the speed of the object exceeded 1400 km / h. I was watching this UFO for about six seconds until it disappeared beneath my left wing. Since the UFO looked very unusual, I immediately laid the left turn to continue watching it, but it had already disappeared.

The diameter of the UFO was about 25 meters, outwardly it looked like a semitransparent ball of indeterminate color, it had no protruding parts, its outlines seemed blurry… “

The seventh meeting

Secret UFO Encounters
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On April 30, 1962, the test pilot of NASA, Joseph Walker,  blew up an experimental X-15 aircraft again, which was tested at the US Air Force Edward in California. This supersonic aircraft with a liquid rocket engine had fantastic flight characteristics for those times. When the X-15 reached a height of 60,000 meters and a speed of 5,000 kilometers per hour, the pilot reported on the radio to the ground: two light-silvery disk-like UFOs had just passed over him, easily overtaking him.

On May 11, 1962, in Seattle, Washington, at the Second National Conference on the Peaceful Uses of Space Research, Walker reported that among the tasks assigned to him by his superiors, was also the search and recognition of UFOs.

The eighth meeting

Secret UFO Encounters
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On February 17, 1954, the leaders of all US civilian airlines were invited to a conference in Los Angeles, where intelligence officers from the Military Transport Aviation Administration introduced the document, code-named JANAP-146. The document was the “instruction of the Joint Information Service of the Army, Navy and Air Force”, which forbade all crew members of civil aircraft to tell about their UFO sightings, not only to representatives of the mass media but also to their relatives and friends.

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