Mysterious Black Knight Satellite Has Been In Earth’s Orbit For 13,000 Years

There are about 3000 operational satellites in the Earth’s orbit, but if you take into account old satellites and their debris, then the number increases. Among all the satellites, the International Space Station is the largest satellite in the orbit (about 100 m in diameter). However, they are all relatively uninteresting compared to the mysterious Black Knight Satellite.

If you are into ufology or read about it, you might have bumped into the information about such an unidentified object as the Black Knight Satellite.

Mysterious Black Knight Satellite
Mysterious Black Knight Satellite photo snapped by astronauts during Space Shuttle mission STS-88 in 1998. Image source: NASA

In 2017, Mail online reported that an alien satellite was shot in the Earth’s orbit that had been spying on humans. The most famous photograph of The Black Knight Satellite was taken in 1998 by NASA experts. The conspiracy theorists believe that the image shows a satellite of the Earth of alien origin, which supposedly had been in Earth orbit for about 13,000 years.

Many conspiracy theorists argue that an unidentified flying object in Earth orbit, called the “Black Knight,” is an alien satellite. According to their statements, NASA is hiding the truth about the origin of this UFO from the inhabitants of the Earth.

In June 2019, a well-known ufologist who advocates the existence of life outside the Earth, Scott Waring touched on this topic again, saying that he had discovered something unique in the photographs taken by the Apollo 10 spacecraft during a flight to the moon.

Mysterious Black Knight Satellite
Artistic Illustration of the Black Knight satellite. Image source: Future/Adrian Mann

The ufologists said: “This is a near-Earth object that is very, very distant from the camera.” The specialist processed the picture in a photo editor to get a clearer image. In the frames received, Waring spotted a UFO with “large arms.”

At the same time, Waring is sure that the “Black Knight Satellite” is captured in the pictures, which “is a proof of the absolutely amazing alien technology that is not available to us yet.”

Some people believe that scientists are afraid to send an expedition to the “Black Knight” because they know that the aliens will protect it.

Black Knight Satellite Record In History

In the Middle Ages, at the time of the knights, the knight who wanted to hide his identity or simply did not have heraldic signs was called Black. The Black Knight is a lone knight, a skilled and adroit fighter. But most often, the nickname is negative, hence the comparison. The Black Knight is also lonely and has no identification marks.

NASA carefully seizes evidence of the existence of this satellite and believes that the object is just space debris captured during Space Shuttle mission STS-88 in 1998. Ufologists believe that the size of the Black Knight is much larger than space debris, and the first photo was taken in 1958 by amateur astronomer Steven Slayton.

In addition, according to many videos, the Black Knight sometimes begins to blink its lights and move outside the orbit of the Earth, emit unknown signals, creating the feeling that someone periodically checks its readiness for flight. However, it is possible that the check starts automatically, and no one activates the ship on purpose.

The Black Knight was mentioned by Nikola Tesla in 1899, Gordon Cooper, – an astronaut who reported on the object in 1965, astronomer Jacques Valle in the mid-60s, and many others.

According to the calculations of astronomer Duncan Lunan, the alien starship arrived presumably from the constellation Bootes. Nevertheless, no one denies that the last developed civilizations of our planet could launch the satellite.

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