Aliens Are Building A Dyson Sphere 1,480 Light Years Away In The Constellation Cygnus To Invade Earth

Space is a huge place where you can easily find the strangest things. For many people on Earth, an example of oddities may be the Nibiru killer planet, which threatens all living things. But astrophysicists believe that a new threat has formed in space. According to them, the aliens built a new “Doomsday Star” in the constellation Cygnus, which will send Nibiru to the trash.

Dyson Sphere
Dyson Sphere Illustration

The Tabby’s star, codenamed KIC 8462852, has been known since 2011. Then the NASA Space Observatory discovered an abnormally bright star, which with a strange frequency and intensity changed the degree of its glow. The degree of luminescence of the star changed by more than 22%, which is an extremely large indicator for such stars. Then this phenomenon gave rise to many hypotheses, one of which was the version about the construction of an alien object by aliens, expressed by researcher Tabetha Boyajian.

Tabetha Boyajian
Tabetha Boyajian: discoverer of the Tabby’s star

Boyajian after whom the star was named, suggested that this object is an astroengineering structure such as the Dyson sphere. According to the scientist, at a distance of 1,480 light years, the advanced civilization of aliens built to accumulate the energy of its own star with the so-called “light collector”, is under construction in the constellation Cygnus.

Now, after 8 years, scientists have announced the fixation of the stable and most intense light from the Tabby’s star. According to their version, this means the completion of the construction process and the output of light power to operating indicators. Ufologists are sure that aliens who possess such unique technologies have long been aware of the existence of the Earth, so we should expect new guests.

Scientists from the Center for the Search for Extraterrestrial Civilizations at the University of California suggested that if these aliens have the opportunity to develop speeds close to the speed of light, then they can cover a distance of 1,480 light years (14,081,000 billion km) in 147 years. Consequently, the invasion will occur in the second half of the 22nd century. This date should be expected that the aliens would leave right now. If they thought of it a few dozen years earlier, then the time of their journey to Earth is reduced.

According to scientists, the most dangerous thing is the silence of NASA on such fact. The space agency regularly monitors Tabby but did not find anything that concern them.

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