Guardian Of Galaxy Star Kurt Russell Reported UFO Encounter When He Was Flying Aircraft


Famous Hollywood actor Kurt Russell admitted in one of the BBC interviews that he had earlier met an unidentified flying object.

The BBC invited the main actors of the fantastic action movie “Guardians of the Galaxy” on its talk show. During the conversation, the topic about aliens and their existence came up. Chris Pratt was skeptical about this question, but Kurt Russell really surprised the public.

According to the actor, in his past, he really saw something that he could not explain in any way. Kurt has a pilot license, so he often plows the expanses of the sky on a small sports plane. According to the actor, that day, he flew with his son and noticed something.

Not far in the vicinity of the airfield, Kurt Russell noticed several lights that lined up in a wedge. An anomaly was also seen by his son, after which he asked his father what it was. Russell admits that he peered into the lights for a long time and tried to determine their origin, but could not explain to his son what they noticed.

Kurt Russell Reported UFO Encounter
Kurt Russell Reported UFO Encounter

At the same time, the actor turned to the dispatcher to find out if there were other aircraft in the vicinity, but the answer was no. After a while, Kurt watched a telecast on the optical phenomenon of the Phoenix Lights. The Hollywood macho was discouraged because almost the same thing he had seen live with his son.

Phoenix Lights
Phoenix Lights

The Phoenix Lights is a massive anomaly that was recorded over Nevada in 1997. Thousands of people witnessed this phenomenon. The authorities said that they were signal lights from A-10 aircraft that performed training flights in the sky. However, many people are sure that the glow can not be called signal beacons, and it was not of terrestrial origin.

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