Giant Ancient Sea Monster That Got Extincted Millions Of Years Ago Was Seen In Scotland

The riddle of the Scottish Loch Ness monster has been haunting the humans’ minds for nearly a hundred years. Although during all this time the lake was examined up and down and the mysterious plesiosaur was never found, every year, cryptozoologists and just curious people come to the shores of Loch Ness.

Loch Ness monster
Loch Ness monster

Some information about the next appearance of Nessie from time to time appears in the media. Where did this hoax come from? There are many versions. One of them, perhaps the most interesting and believable enough, was voiced some time ago by Neil Clark, a Glasgow-based paleontologist. His hypothesis explains the first appearance of Nessie in the lake. According to the scientist, Nessie is an ordinary swimming circus elephant. The paleontologist in his judgments relies on one of the most famous first photographs of the monster, taken at the beginning of the last century. This one.

On it, indeed, you can see an unknown creature. On the characteristic about its long neck, cryptozoologists have determined that this is a plesiosaurus, extinct millions of years ago.

Meanwhile, Clark is convinced that this is an elephant, part of the body of which is underwater. Above the surface, you can see only the trunk and back. The fact is that at that time, numerous circus troupes gathered at the fairs of the lake. Elephants, in the waters of the lake, were provided with the necessary rest. The first evidence of Nessie’s appearance in 1933 coincided in time with an advertising company of Bertram Mills, the owner of one of the London circuses.

Then, in the 30s, an enterprising man turned to the public with a proposal to catch Nessie and get a nice sum for it (20,000 pounds). Clark is sure that it was Mills who became the author of the grand mystification. The scientist is convinced that all the photographers of that time shot elephants from a certain angle for the sake of sensation.

Another version of the origin of the monster was put forward by Englishman Steve Feltham.

He was the most ardent fan of Nessie. In search of the monster, he abandoned his house, work, beloved woman and moved to Scotland. 28 years of his search were unsuccessful. Steve examined hundreds of photographs, interviewed eyewitnesses, but did not find convincing evidence of the existence of Nessie. Now, he is convinced that in the waters of the lake no monster exists and never has been. The former Nessie fan is convinced that eyewitnesses could observe a giant catfish. This may be a European catfish, the length of which can reach five meters, and weight more than 400kg.

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