Aliens Took Famous Ufologist Of the 1950s To Huge Asteroid Orbiting Dead Planet For 7 Days

Orfeo Angelucci (June 25, 1912 – July 24, 1993) was a general laborer who lived in Burbank, Los Angeles County, California, and worked at the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation plant.

Since childhood, he had been suffering from health issues and because of this, he had low self-esteem. That all changed when he had a series of fateful encounters with the UFO crew, making him one of the most famous American contactees of his time.

Orfeo Angelucci
Orfeo Angelucci

On May 23, 1952, Angelucci worked the second shift and went home when it was already past midnight. He was driving along the highway, intending to quickly get home where his wife was waiting for him. Everything was normal and familiar.

But as Angelucci was driving along Los Angeles’ Victory Boulevard, he noticed an object moving low in the sky just above the road, which had bright red lights. He slowed down and stared into the sky, realizing that he saw something unusual in front of him, not a plane or a helicopter.

The UFO, meanwhile, noticed Angelucci’s car and began to follow him along the highway. Angelucci got nervous and stopped, hoping that the object would fly further, but it also froze in place. Then Angelucci began driving again and at some point found himself in the area of the bridge over the river.

It was a completely empty stretch of road called Forest Lawn Drive, and that’s where it all happened. Suddenly, instead of one UFO, there were two in the form of brightly glowing balls. Angelucci stopped again and was now in a state of stupor from shock. He sat and watched as the UFO swayed slightly in the air, and then…

Orfeo Angelucci
Orfeo Angelucci

He heard a voice from one of the balls. It was a deep male voice with the distinct intonation and spoke with a beautiful English accent. The voice told Angelucci that he should not be afraid because he would not be harmed, and then the voice said some philosophical thought.

After that, the glowing balls disappeared, leaving Angelucci amazed and at the same time delighted with this meeting. It was also reported that Angelucci saw the figures of aliens in the balls, and a goblet with some liquid appeared in front of him. He was asked to drink it so that he would calm down and stop being afraid.

Two months later, another contact occurred with him.

It was the night of July 23, 1952, and Angelucci felt sick, so he did not go to work, but went for a walk on foot to the area of the very bridge where the first contact was. This time, he was greeted not by luminous balls, but by a strange cone-shaped object, similar to an Eskimo needle, hovering low in the sky.

Orfeo Angelucci
Bridge where Orfeo Angelucci was abducted

Then this object went down and turned into something like a huge soap bubble, and then this bubble suddenly took the form of a solid metal spaceship that landed on the ground.

Angelucci slowly and carefully approached the ship and entered through the opening inside. There he found himself in a darkened room with only one chair. He suddenly felt that his body became weak and heavy, he was pressed against the chair with force and he realized that the object flew up and went somewhere.

Somehow, Angelucci was able to turn his head towards the small window and saw in it how the lights of night Los Angeles were quickly disappearing below and that the ship was flying higher and higher.

He was trembling with fear when he realized that he was looking at the plane from space.

He was told by some unknown voice that the human race would face a major uncertainty that could lead to a catastrophic nuclear war between the West and the East. Also, the aliens talked a lot about how cruel, selfish humans are and that they are only trying to help them.

Orfeo Angelucci
The Nature of Infinite Entities by Orfeo Angelucci

Then Angelucci was told that he should spread this message of friendly aliens. A few minutes later the ship landed on the ground in the same place near the bridge. Soon, a shocked Angelucci was driving his car again on this road home.

Angelucci began to follow the advice of aliens and in 1955 began to publish books and brochures about what had happened to him and what the friendly extraterrestrial creatures had told him. He also gave open lectures, and they attracted many people.

By the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962, when the world really did not last long on the brink of an atomic war between the United States and the USSR, Angelucci’s messages became more relevant than ever, and he had great fame.

In his later books, Angelucci wrote that the aliens who came to him looked like very beautiful and spiritual beings and that one of them was called Lyra. They once took Angelucci in a certain settlement on the largest asteroid for a week. This asteroid orbited over the remains of an unknown destroyed planet.

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