Scotland Man Robert Taylor Attacked By UFO In 1979

A forester named Robert Taylor from West Lothian, Scotland discovered strange and unusually small objects. The largest object was circular and hovered above the ground.

Two other small objects were round and protruded from them, some kind of pins. He was attacked by these objects and was placed in a larger UFO, where he lost consciousness.

This incident took place on November 9, 1979.

The police viewed Robert Taylor’s report regarding his apparent meeting outside the world as a case of criminal assault. This would make this incident the only UFO or alien abduction that was part of a criminal investigation.

Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor at his abduction site.

It is very likely that one of the most famous UFO encounters in Scotland, sometimes referred to as the Encounter at Dechmont Woods, was related to the alien abduction of Taylor.

Many people investigated the events of November 9, 1979, near Livingstone. They all agree that Taylor himself was a very convincing and credible witness. In fact, most people believed that he was telling the truth. Perhaps, the fact that Scotland had more than average of such observations makes the count even more interesting.

Whether the aliens took Robert Taylor out of Dechmont Forest on that chilly evening or not, it remained one of the most interesting and truly bizarre cases in history.

Robert Taylor
Illustration of UFO attacked Robert Taylor

Robert Taylor decided to pull his car to the side of the road to stretch his legs and let his dog out. He did it on a quiet road next to the M8 motorway.

As he made his way into the forest on the side of the road, the flying dome came into his field of vision. It seemed to be floating just above the treetops. The craft was close enough that he could discern the rough, sandpaper-like texture of the black metallic material. The scent of burning brakes suddenly filled the air. He noticed two objects that fell to the ground from the main ship.

Robert Taylor
Robert Taylor

Taylor was more worried that he felt a stretching sensation on his body: as if a ship was pulling him towards it. Then he realized that sticks were attached to his thighs, which flew out of the small objects. He began to panic and retreat from it, but his body did not respond.

The next thing he knew, he was alone in the clearing. The object has disappeared. Collecting his thoughts, Taylor headed to his car. Although some time had passed, the car remained where he left it. However, it was a short joy. No matter how hard he tried, the car no longer started, as if it was drained by an unknown source.

He continued his journey on foot. When he returned home, his family was horrified by torn clothes and cuts and bruises on his face and arms.

When his wife asked him what had happened, Taylor replied that he had been attacked by a spaceship.

Not knowing what to do, his wife informed her employer and her husband’s boss of the incident, Malcolm Drummond. He always argued that Robert was not the person who made up stories. He did not doubt either his authenticity or its absence.

The police forced Taylor to take them back to the scene, so they could see for themselves. His torn trousers were sent for scientific analysis.

Robert Taylor passed away in 2007, but interest in his story continues. Not least because of its apparent authenticity. By the way, Taylor would not have changed his version of events any time after the incident.

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