A Strange Flying Container In Which Aliens Abduct Humans Was Captured

In the middle of the 20th century, alien abductions became very popular. Every year in different parts of the world, there were witnesses or participants of such events.

It was not possible to provide reliable evidence of any contact with extraterrestrial intelligence since aliens can carefully hide the traces of impact on earthlings. But everything has changed.

It is noted that the video was made by a group of tourists who handed over the footage to ufologists. The eyewitnesses saw a strange UFO in the form of a container, resembling a metal box, which slowly descended into a destroyed building at the top of the mountain.

Strange Flying Container
Strange Flying Container

In the video, something resembling a freight elevator is clearly visible, along which aliens lift people. Heavy fog made it impossible to track the entire path of the object, and no one dared to get to the place.

According to many ufologists, aliens really abduct people for studies and then return them unharmed. They believe that this procedure may feel like a dream to the abducted.

Conspiracy theorists suggested that it is most likely that people, animals and plants are moved into space in such special containers. It is possible that such buildings as the one in the video are well suited for undercover action

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