Tall Aliens Made A Russian Teenager Disappear In Front of Several People In 1989

On September 27, 1989, in South Park along Mendeleev Street in Voronezh, Russia, many people claimed to have seen a UFO landing. Several children were playing in the park, and at the bus stop, there were about 20 adults that suddenly saw a pink light in the evening sky, from which a dark red ball emerged. At first, it seemed to float and then slowly descended.

It took about a minute before the UFO gently lowered to a height of 15 meters above the park, and then slowly circled above it for a short time. After that, the UFO, which was approximately 10 meters in diameter, flew away.

Voronezh UFO incident
Illustration of the Voronezh UFO incident happened in 1989

A few minutes later, another UFO appeared in the same place, and the people saw a giant alien. It was looking around, dressed in a silver suit and bronze shoes. The alien did not have a real head, only something like a hump between its shoulders.

Three eyes could be seen on this hump, and the eye in the center was intensely turning forward and backward. When the creature disappeared into the ship again, the hatch closed, and the craft descended and approached with a loud hum.

The brightly-glowing ship stopped one meter above the ground, rocking back and forth. Four landing pillars emerged from the base of the object and sank to the ground.

According to eyewitnesses, the object was oval, egg-shaped, approximately 15 meters long and 6 meters high.

Voronezh UFO incident
Aliens description according to the eyewitnesses

After the landing, a hatch slowly opened, and two grim humanlike figures (one of them was 3-4 meters high) came out.

The aliens were moving like robots. The shape of the aliens was described as boxes with arms and legs, and buttons were glowing on their chests.

At that very moment, a boy from the group of children playing nearby screamed in fear. The tall alien cast his gaze at him with his central eye, without moving his head. A light came out of his eye and hit the boy, which made him motionless for several minutes.

The two creatures returned to their flying machine, and the witnesses thought the aliens were about to disappear. But after a few minutes, they returned, and now, the giant was holding a silver 1.2-meter long pipe in his hand, which it pointed at a 16-year-old boy who dared to get too close to a flying object.

To the horror of witnesses, the boy suddenly disappeared without a trace. Then the creatures turned around and slowly climbed the ladder into their flying machine, entered it, and closed the hatch. The ship rose above the ground, soared into the air, and flew away at an ever-increasing speed.

Voronezh UFO incident
Vasya Surin who claimed to have seen aliens with his own eyes/ Photo credit: TASS

It dodged to the side, passed over a tall residential building, and disappeared into the sky very quickly. The witnesses said that exactly at the moment when the spacecraft disappeared, the 16-year-old boy appeared in the park again.

Voronezh UFO incident
Newspaper clippings on the Voronezh UFO incident

Russian News Agency TASS was the first one to announce this shocking UFO landing incident happened in Voronezh on October 9, 1989.

Russian journalist Vladimir Lebedev said he had talked with many witnesses, including three children (Zhenya Blinov, Vasya Surin, and Yulia Sholokhova).

When the children were asked to draw the UFO, their sketches were the same, and the object had a banana shape.

Voronezh UFO incident
Children’s sketches who witnessed the incident

Journalist Lebedev also claimed that there had been three landings between September 23 and 29 during that time. This meant that the Voronezh UFO incident was the second landing.

Many media houses called the “Voronezh UFO incident” a hoax because of the lack of photographic and medical evidence. Nevertheless, other news agencies like The Washington Post showed some interest in the incident.

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