In April 2020, Three Alien Spaceships Sailed Over Moon So Close That Their Shadows Were Seen

Three huge UFOs flying very close to the surface of the Moon were captured on a video that circulated on the Internet in April 2020. In the high-resolution footage, the shadows of alien ships can be seen clearly above the lunar surface.

Three Alien Spaceships
Illustration of UFO over the lunar surface

The video was shared by Jean-Michel Tenac on April 3. It has over 1.8 million views on YouTube. The timestamp on the video says that it was recorded on March 26, 2020, in Montreal, Canada.

Some part of the lunar surface is visible, over which three UFOs are flying so close that they even cast a shadow.

On August 9, UFO enthusiast and astronomer Bruce Swart shared a video on his YouTube channel “Bruce sees all,” in which mysterious UFOs not only flew over the Lunar surface, but it looked like some kind of a war scene.

Bruce wrote:

“What if the UFOs I caught were actually missiles or bombs being launched on the moon like the similarities of war here on Earth.. Let’s talk theory…Without ruling out asteroids or anything.

Hello and Welcome to my research channel…Live footage of what looks like a massive explosion that appears under a ufo…after seeing a lit object descend to the moon… Looks like a war is going on up there and this is theoretical.. No proof from any association that my work is real and I want YOU to decide that for yourself. A very revealing secret that nobody knows about what is going on…on the moon.”

Famous UFO researcher and self-proclaimed extraterrestrial life expert Scott Waring shared a video of an oval-shaped object crossing the Moon over Pasay, Philippines. He wrote on his blog that an eyewitness took this footage on Christmas Eve.



He further said:

“This is one amazing catch. The eyewitness was recording the moon for to give family as a Christmas present when they accident caught something much more exciting…a football shaped craft. Its a thick disk tilted. The object is tilted slightly and is moving across the moon, but is actually in Earths orbit. The object is brownish red and on one side there is a blue color when shadow is added.”

He believes that the blue color indicates the presence of a propulsion system that gives movement to the object. The object is seen only for 3 seconds, but from the slow motion of the video, he was confident that it was not a meteor, asteroid, satellite, or orbiting space station.

In general, the UFO researcher suggested that aliens exist and orbiting to Earth.

Cases of mass UFO sightings have recently become too frequent, especially since the beginning of 2020, when humanity is shaken by various kinds of cataclysms.

On December 21, 2020, a video was shared on YouTube by a user named jimisroomUFOtv, in which a bright red-colored UFO was seen flying over the moon and then moved to the dark side after several seconds.


The user claimed that that the UFO footage had been taken by him with his Nikon P900 a day before publishing it on YouTube.

On the other hand, Scott Waring again drew the attention of UFO lovers to an unusual video in which alien black ship cruises near the moon.

An unidentified flying object captured in the video crosses the moon, and while moving, it is noticeable how the object rotates. The ufologist draws attention to the fact that many UFOs observed by ufologists rotate in the process of movement.


Some people believe that it was just space junk but Waring claimed that if it was a space junk or satellite, it would have visible solar panels and antennas.

“Many UFO have similar movement and spinning, so yes, this is an alien craft. A satellite would have antennas and solar panels, this has none of that and its huge. This is 100% alien in origin,” he wrote in his blog.

On August 3, 2020, the British newspaper “Daily Star” reported that weird footage had been published in which a UFO sailed over the surface of the moon at the incredible speed.

The newspaper claimed that the mysterious video was filmed on July 25 by Marek Slade in the city of Będzin (Poland). A UFO can be seen flying above the Moon at high speed in a straight horizontal line.


There are different points of view on the topic. Some believe that it was just the International Space Station (ISS), or an artificial satellite, while others believe it was an alien craft.

Besides, on May 18, 2020, the ISS camera showed how thousands of UFOs were captured in the video, leaving the Earth from outer space at the moment when the ISS was between the light and dark sides of the Earth.

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