Woman In Pink Bodysuit Was Taken To Earth’s Orbit But Later Found Near A Crashed UFO With 3 Aliens In 1971

If the stories of alien abduction are too incredible to be believed, then an abduction accompanied by a UFO crash is even more impossible. However, one summer evening in 1971, this happened to a young woman named Lorraine Dvorak Cordini.

Lorraine Dvorak Cordini
UFO crashed with Lorraine Dvorak Cordini aboard

According to eyewitnesses, the calm Californian night was suddenly broken by a sharp unearthly roar, which ended with an equally frightening rumble. When people ran out of their houses, a large cloud and signs of flames were visible near Edwards Air Force Base in California. Several people stated that they had allegedly seen “three gray humanoids,” as well as a human woman in a strange, tight-fitting pink suit, among the ruins of some wrecked vehicle.

However, before anyone knew what had happened, a lot of military trucks and other vehicles arrived and quickly isolated the area. In addition, they removed the debris and any signs of the incident and took the humanoids and the woman with them. Some residents assumed they were taken to Edwards Military Base.

Lorraine Dvorak Cordini
Edwards Air Force Base Photo by: CHAD BELLAY

A witness named Debbie Clayton reported that she had heard a loud crashing noise. There was a cloud of dust outside her home.

Soon, the military arrived with special equipment, and one of the civilians who had taken the photographs was brutalized by an Air Force officer who snatched the camera from his hands and broke but did not try to remove the film. The craft had no inscription but appeared to have scratches.

There were no windows or seams, and it appeared to be molded in one piece. The texture was smooth. The soldiers told the witnesses to leave the scene or otherwise, they would be under arrest. The soldiers covered the spaceship with a large canvas and lifted it with cables attached to it.

Once it was loaded, the military did not make any statement about the incident in the newspapers. The cause of the crash was later confirmed to be by a technical malfunction.

However, ufologist Albert Rosales tracked down that mysterious woman in a pink bodysuit, and she agreed to undergo a hypnotherapy session to remember the events of that night.

Lorraine claimed that she had been abducted from her home, dressed in pink clothes, and taken to a large ship in Earth orbit for an inspection.

She was then put in a smaller ship – the one that crashed – and sent back to Earth with several strange creatures. She woke up already in the military hangar. Even stranger, at least according to the hypnosis sessions, while being there, she saw not only military personnel but also strange creatures with large heads, different from those that took her out of her room.

Needless to say, this whole story seems very strange and raises doubts about its veracity.

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