Amazing Accounts from an Alleged Ex-UFO Retrieval Specialist

Some of the most fascinating, and often very bizarre accounts of UFO and alien encounters come to us from the so-called whistleblowers, the ones that claim to come from positions right in the thick of things. These are the ones who are supposedly in the know, with often very impressive credentials and apparent inside information on what is really going on. Such tales run the range from the compelling to the completely flat-out bonkers, and everywhere in between, yet even among these there are some that truly stand out among the rest. A good example of such accounts comes from a man who claims to have been part of an elite secret government cabal tasked with investigating and retrieving fallen UFOs, and his story is at once intriguing and totally outlandish.

One very incredible tale of aliens and secret government operations comes from retired U.S. Army sergeant Clifford Stone, who says his story begins when he was just a child. When he was very young, he claims he had several encounters with aliens, after which he was frequently visited by two military men, in particular an Air Force captain who told him he was being watched due to his remarkable ability to “interface with extraterrestrial biological entities.” The mysterious stranger would appear often to encourage him to pursue the study of UFOs, visiting him at least once a week and eventually influencing him to join the military in his older years. Stone would go on to serve in the Army from between the years of 1968 to 1990, although not in what one would call a traditional capacity.


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Upon entering the military, Stone claims that he was first given training at a Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare facility at Fort Lee, Virginia, after which he was recruited into a secret elite government organization called the Interplanetary Phenomena Research Unit, which apparently had been started back in 1943 by General Douglas MacArthur for the purpose of gathering intelligence on alien activities on Earth, studying alien entities and their technology, and retrieving the wreckage of downed UFOs. According to Stone, the unit had been formed in response to the large number of UFO sightings that were occurring during the war, often called Foo Fighters, speculated to be due to the entities studying the human conflict. It was thought that there was an urgent need to study this presence in order to determine if the aliens were hostile and what they wanted, and so the unit was formed.

Stone has revealed, largely through interviews with such renowned ufologists as Dr. Michael Salla, Dr. Steven M. Greer, and Paola Harris, much about what his duties and experiences were like with the shadowy organization. He says that he was typically assigned to the nuclear, biological, and chemical retrieval and abatement detail at Fort McClellan Army post in Alabama, and would be called away when there was a top-secret assignment for a retrieval. According to him, his team was not originally completely devoted to alien spacecraft, but rather to retrieving any suspicious foreign objects that crashed to Earth, but this evolved as the project went on through the years. He says of this:

This unit was initially organized as a 4602nd Air Intelligence Service Squadron. Among its peacetime missions was operation Blue Fly. Operation Blue Fly was to recover objects of unknown origin that fell to Earth. It is very important that you remember these were specifically objects that fell to Earth- because we didn’t have any spacecraft up there at this time. As a result of this, they had monitors right there at Wright Patterson that when UFO reports came in they were looked at very closely to see if there was any possible necessity of sending out teams to recover any of this fallen debris. The Air Force states they never used them. I’m telling you I know they did. But the intent of the Operation Blue Fly peacetime project was to go out and recover objects of unknown origin that impacted with the Earth.

Later it would be expanded in 1957 to cover all objects of unknown origin meaning spacecraft too. And it would become part of what they would call in the October of 1957 timeframe, Project Moon Dust. Project Moon Dust is the overall field exploitation to recover only two items: First, objects of non-U.S. origin that survives re-entry into the Earth’s atmosphere and impacts with the Earth and objects. Naturally, we would be interested in those items from a technical, scientific intelligence basis to determine, or try to ascertain the technical capabilities of any potential enemy since our known enemy of the U.S., the USSR at that time that was launching space vehicles into space. The other area of interest was objects of unknown origin. Now we find that there were quite a few objects of unknown origin that did not correlate with any known space launches, impact times, or any known space debris falling back to Earth. In short, under Project Moon Dust and under Blue Fly, we have recovered alien debris not of this Earth.

Indeed, Stone claims that throughout his career he was involved with several such retrievals of alleged alien debris, always under the guise of a nuclear containment team, which is what he was ostensibly trained for. According to him, these retrievals were carefully orchestrated to make it appear as if they were checking out crashed aircraft or a nuclear incident, even using fake news reports planted in the media to complete the ruse. He explains the thought process of these retrievals:

Now, in order to prepare me for this, very early on in my career they sent me to NBC School at Fort McCullen [sp], Alabama. It’s a three-week school. It’s for NBC personnel, NBC meaning Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical. And it would always be in the context of an NBC unit that I would be involved in UFO retrievals. You would go ahead and deploy as though it was a nuclear accident. There are procedures already established on nuclear or biological or chemical accidents. So you would proceed in that way. If you could get in there and do recoveries, if you could go in and extract the debris that are there quietly behind the scenes and no one knows, you’d do it. If you needed an officially sanctioned deception program to come into play, such as a bogus news release, you could do this also.

For example, if you have an airplane accident we have standard procedures on how we handle that. Those same procedures are utilized when you do a recovery or extraction of a crashed ET spacecraft or debris thereof. And I have to stress debris simply because these are highly advanced technical machines. There were not that many crashes. They are flawed because they are made by an intelligence that is as mortal as you or me. Being mortal, we are subject to error. Now, we are talking about a highly intelligent civilization, not a highly incompetent civilization. We take steps and they take steps. But at the same time, when you go out, you make a recovery. And when you make that recovery, you handle it the same way you would as if you were out there on an airplane accident or you have a hazardous material type situation, because it works. It is all set up.

He is meticulously detailed when he explains how all of this works. He goes into depth about how the material is concealed and how they ship it. He talks of tracking the trucks carrying the objects, code words used during these shipments, and many other finer points of the operations. He even claims that he has secretly taken some of the material found at these sites. For instance, according to him, at one purported UFO crash in 1973 he hid a small fragment of metal from the craft in his shoe, later burying it on property near his home in New Mexico. He says of the object:

Yes, I have it and wouldn’t dare to keep it in the house. I had it here to show some people where I kept it, a day longer than I should have and then somebody actually came here and tried to take it. That was some tense moments, I almost shot somebody that day. I can’t replace this, you don’t go to the store and buy this and I took a big chance when I went ahead and got it.

Stone claims that while debris was not totally uncommon, cases of whole crashed spaceships or recovering alien bodies were actually pretty few and far between, and that one of the reasons they crashed in the first place was that Earth radar interfered with some of their systems. He says he only actually was called out to a handful of whole crashed UFOs, and when asked to estimate how many craft had crashed on Earth when he first joined the unit, he says:

Not more than two-dozen UFOs had been retrieved by 1969 when I was briefed first. We were informed that there had only been a couple dozen tops- that there were several in the ‘40’s and the early 50’s. And to make it perfectly clear about those events that took place then, it sounds crazy but our radar wreaked havoc on the ET guidance systems and they had to make adjustments to their guidance systems for that. How many bodies had been recovered? Don’t know. How many crashes have occurred in which we only got debris because the ET’s came and did their recovery before we got there? Don’t know but it has happened. It has happened. When they had problems, just like we send out a distress call, they send out a distress call, which is something that a lot of people don’t think about; it’s a question that’s never asked.

Another topic he speaks of are the specialized teams that would join them when there was any sort of biological component, meaning an alien body, and the measures they took to make sure there wasn’t any kind of contamination. With regards to finding aliens, he said that they would find both dead ones and occasionally even living ones, which he says he has a gift for communicating with. Some of his stories are fairly spectacular, such as the time they allegedly fired on an alien and it deflected the bullet with some sort of force field, the time he helped some aliens escape during a crash retrieval in Vietnam during the war, and another occasion when he was shown an alien entity at the Pentagon and the alien teleported him to his friend’s office at Fort Meade. According to Stone, there are a total of 57 different known species of aliens that had been catalogued by the time he retired, coming in various shapes and sizes, with some of them reportedly practically indistinguishable from human beings. The military allegedly had a whole manual on the aliens, a 3-inch thick book called the “EBE Guidebook,” which contained the physiology, food requirements and medical information for each species.

He claims that the government is very secretive on all of this, and that they even distorted his service records to list him as being merely a clerk and typist. One of his main reasons for coming forward with this information, even though it is at great risk to him, is to help along with government disclosure and try to convince the world of what is really going on. He claims that the attitudes of the general populace make it easy for the government to keep these secrets because there is the tendency to treat UFOs and aliens as flights of fancy and to try and debunk it all. It is skeptics and debunkers who, according to him, are making it easy for the government to keep wraps on it all, and he explains of this:

During the discussion of UFO’s, the question ultimately is going to come up can any government keep secrets let alone the U.S. Government? And the answer to that is unequivocally yes. But one of the greatest weapons the intelligence community has at their disposal is a predisposition by the American people, the American politicians, and the debunkers- people who wish to try to debunk UFO information. They immediately come out and say oh we can’t keep secrets, we can’t keep secrets. Well, the truth is, yes we can. And we are conditioned by our own paradigms not to accept the possibility or probability of a highly advanced intelligent civilization coming here to visit us. You have evidence in the form of highly credible reports of objects being seen, of the entities inside these objects being seen. Yet, we look for a prosaic explanation and we throw out the bits and pieces of the evidence that doesn’t meet our paradigm. So it is a self-keeping secret. You can conceal it in plain sight. It is political suicide to go and start hitting up intelligence agencies to get this information released. So most of your members of Congress, and I know I’ve worked with a lot of them along that line, will balk and try not to do it. I can name you three members of Congress that were point blank asked to have a congressional inquiry on what happened here at Roswell.

Stone has written a whole book on his wild career and strange experiences, his 1997 UFOs Are Real, and he has continued his crusade for the cause of full government UFO disclosure, pursuing relentless requests under the Freedom of Information Act and constantly giving talks about it all. For many in the UFO field he is a champion of disclosure, however, as with many such alleged whistleblowers he has also gained his share of criticism. One is that he has very few actual hard documents or evidence to back these claims up. For instance, the alleged EBE Guidebook he has only seen on occasion, and has never managed to get an actual copy of it. He has managed to gather some documentation admitting to classified projects called Blue Fly and Moon Dust through the Freedom of Information Act, but it is unclear how much it actually proves that they were involved in retrieving aliens and alien spacecraft, and there has been debate on just how real any of his documents are. He also refuses to present the purported piece of UFO debris he has, saying that it is too dangerous to do so at this time, so for many there is just very little concrete corroboration or evidence for his extraordinary claims. There is also the fact that, although he claims that his service record has been altered to hide his true background, he is still only officially listed as a military typist and clerk, with no way to prove otherwise. Yet he definitely has his supporters, and Dr. Michael Salla says of him:

In my interview Sgt Stone comes across as very meticulous in his statements, very clear about the information he is revealing, and refuses to speculate on subjects he did not directly experience. The information he provided in the interview was very consistent with earlier interviews conducted by other investigators such as Paola Harris. Furthermore, Sgt Stone had no desire to gain financial profit for his evidence or appeared in any way to be a publicity seeker. He came across as an individual of great integrity desiring to let the American public learn the truth about UFOs and the ETH. My overall conclusion is that Stone is very credible due to the meticulous nature of his testimony, the consistency in his story, his obvious integrity, and because of the documents he has been able to provide.

We are left to wonder. Is there anything to Stone’s claims? Certainly he seems sincere and has been embraced by many in the UFO field, and his attitudes towards government disclosure seem to be in the right place. However, is he for real, or is he just spinning wild stories? Whatever the case may be, Stone has made many good points on the topic of government UFO disclosure, and whether any of his claims are true or not, he remains a fascinating, strange, and often eyebrow-raising figure upon the landscape of ufology.

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