Some Very Bizarre Alien Encounters and Abductions in Brazil

The alien abduction phenomenon has permeated the UFO field for some time. There are innumerable accounts of people being whisked off and subjected to the whims of these entities beyond our understanding. Many if these are quite strnage, and from the country of Brazil we have a selection of cases of very odd encounters and abductions by some bizarre creatures indeed.

One evening in June of 1967, five men went out fishing at a secluded lake in the region of Morro Branco, Ceara, Brazil. The night started out peacefully enough, but the quiet was at one point disrupted by a low humming sound that became so intense that it actually hurt their ears. The sound stopped, then started again a few minutes later, and they could not figure out where it could possibly be coming from. They got up to look around, that odd humming noise coming intermittently and getting more intense each time, and they finally found that it seemed to come from behind a low hill nearby. As they tried to figure out what to do, they saw several beams of “smoky colored light” pierce up into the air from behind the hill like spotlights, which seemed to brighten and dim. This was enough to frighten the men into gathering their things to leave, but things would only get stranger from there.

As they were leaving, one of them suddenly stopped, pulled out a handgun, pointed it at the others, and ordered them to go over the hill from which those mysterious beams of light were protruding. They at first thought he was just messing with them, but he then fired a warning shot into the air and told them he was very serious and would definately kill them if they did not do as he said. By now they could notice that the man with the gun seemed to be in a sort of trance, and his eyes had a strange slight glowing sheen to them, which made the whole situation surreal and frightening enough that they decided to obey. As they climbed the hill, the man with the gun would sporadically stop to shout out to an unseen party that they were coming and on their way. As they reached the top of the hill, they then saw the source of that strange humming. UFO researcher Irene Granchi would write of what they saw in “UFOs and Abductions in Brazil”:

As they reached the top of the hill they saw a huge object that was hovering at about ten meters above the ground. It was round, phosphorescent, of a light green shade and had fins jutting out from each side of it. It measured about 5 meters from top to bottom. At the top, a square, slatted hatchway could be seen, studded with funnels, from whence all those multicolored lights appeared. Silvery light covered the ground in all the area occupied by the object. Jutting from the bottom and reaching down to about 30 cm form the ground, a tube (cylinder) about 1 meter in breadth could be seen with a kind of oval shaped door at the lower end. All of the sudden the men’s eyes went out of focus and they found themselves lying on some kind of tables which seemed to be padded with something like foam rubber that was very soft. All the men were lying on similar beds. A voice was heard, that it apparently came from a reddish blue lamp in the ceiling, which tinkled and echoed within the men’s head.

This mysterious voice apparently told them to stay calm and not be afraid, which oddly seemed to banish some of their fear. Looking around, they could see that the room was devoid of windows or doors, completely white, and with smooth walls that emanated a soft light, and on one wall there was a “panel filled with little crisscrossed lines in a parallel or slanting position.” When the men asked the unseen entities to show themselves, the voice refused, stating that they were too different from humans and that they would only frighten them. The voice then explained that there were six of them, that they lived to be about 300 years old, and that they had controlled their friend by using “light waves.” After this, they all suddenly woke up on the hill where they had started and found that they were all missing one personal item, including the handgun their friend had threatened them with. Whaqt was going on here?

Moving along, on the afternoon of May, 4, 1969, a 24-year-old soldier by the name of José Antonio da Silva was fishing at a lagoon at Bebedouro, Minas Gerais, Brazil, when he heard movement in the bushes nearby, followed by an intense pain in his leg that caused him to stagger and fall. As he reeled in pain and looked around him, he could see two child-sized figures standing there, dressed in shiny metallic suits and wearing helmets. These two entities then grabbed him and began dragging him towards a strange object like an upright cylinder, with black platforms at each end, where they stopped to put a helmet on the terrified Da Silva before shoving him inside the craft, bringing him to a brilliantly lit, cubical room. Here the beings tied him to a metallic chair and took their helmets off to reveal themselves to be some kind of hairy dwarf-like creatures with slightly ape-like faces and waist-long hair that was reddish and wavy.

These strange beings jabbered to each other in a guttural alien language, and after this there was the sensation that the craft was moving, after which they came to a stop and a taller version of the creatures stood before him. This one was apparently their leader, and used gestures and drawings to communicate with him, asking about Earth weapons as more of the creatures examined his clothing and fishing gear. Da Silva was also given a cube-shaped cup with thick green liquid to drink from, with this invigorating him somewhat. The leader of the strange group then asked Da Silva to be an emissary between them and humans, and when he refused the entity got angry and ripped the rosary from his neck. He then prayed and had a vision of a robed figure, after which he was blindfolded and the next thing he knew, he was in a field at Bebedouro to Vitoria, 200 miles from where he had started. He would soon learn that nearly 5 days had passed, although it had felt like only a few hours. What happened to this man and how did he end up so far away from where he started?

In our next case, on June 23, 1976, 18-year-old Paulo Coutinho, of Aricanduva, Sao Paulo Brazil, went to a night school class but never arrived home. A police search was launched, but they were only able to find his school books and papers scattered about on a street. As his family grew steadily more panicked there was a groaning sound heard from the back yard, and they opened the door to find Paulo lying on the steps in some sort of dazed trance. His body was very cold to the touch, as if he had been outside for some time, and when he was lucid enough to talk he had a very strange story to tell.

Paulo explained that on the day he had gone missing, he had heard a strange whistling sound as he was heading home from class. When he looked up, he claimed that he had seen a strange light moving through the sky, after which he suddenly found that his body was paralyzed and he could not move. The light then faded away and there appeared a short being with a big bald head and with large eyes and pointed ears, small mouth and an upturned nose “like a pig’s,” dressed in a tight one-piece suit of bluish gray color with an emblem on its chest. Paulo said that he had then floated into the air towards an enormous cigar shaped object, about 650 feet long and with a color that transformed from reddish to metallic as he grew closer.

Paulo claimed that he had passed through the object to find himself lying on the floor and surrounded by three of those strange beings. The creatures brought him to a room without windows or furniture and where there were six more of the beings. These entities spoke with him telepathically, explaining that they “wanted to discover how life arose in the universe,” and that their people were all produced in a laboratory for specific purposes. When he demanded to be brought home, one of the creatures passed its hand over his body, “illuminating it wherever it passed,” after which a red corridor had appeared and he had lost consciousness. The next thing he remembered was waking up on the back steps of his parents’ house. Interestingly, their neighbors would report seeing a UFO on the night he had disappeared and Paulo’s pens that had been in his pocket were found to be highly radioactive.

Moving along to yet another bizarre case, we have a report from September 15, 1977, in the town of Paciencia, Brazil. On this day a bus driver by the name of Antonio La Rubia was allegedly walking to work when he spied a rather strange object shaped like an “enormous wide hat” sitting in a field, measuring an impressive 250 feet across. Soon after he noticed the giant mysterious craft, it lashed out with a thin, bright beam of light, which caught La Rubia and whisked him away to a room of pure white. Within this room were various mechanical-looking beings with bright scales and arms like tentacles, as well as egg-shaped bodies and heads adorned with what appeared to be antenna. Instead of legs, the strange creatures reportedly sat upon rigid pedestals of some sort.

After this initial meeting, the frightened La Rubia claims that he shouted at the creatures, which seemed to have the effect of making them cower in fear. He lost consciousness again, and when he awoke, he says that he was now subjected to a series of images projected onto the wall, including various surreal scenes such as a dog being melted and a train entering a tunnel, the meaning of which could not be discerned. At one point during this screening of oddities and grotesqueries one of the robot beings apparently reached out to draw blood from one of La Rubia’s fingers, after which it splashed it across a wall to form a pattern of three circles and an “L” shape. At this point, La Rubia claims he lost consciousness once more, and when he awoke, he was purportedly back in his car, vomiting and dizzy from the whole puzzling ordeal. He would later remember fighting back and actually knocking one of the creatures to the ground, allowing him to escape.

Finally, we have the weird case of 16-year old Luis Carlos Serra, of the village of Penalva, in the state of Maranhão, Brazil. On March 24 1978, Luis was out picking fruit near his home when he heard a loud sound and saw a brilliant light above the trees. Before he could even process this he was suddenly paralyzed and fell on his back, completely unable to move. He then began to rise into the air towards a domed round object hovering over the trees and through an opening on its side, floating into a room with three beings about 4-feet tall and wearing metallic suits and visors. These entities talked among themselves in a strange language but ignored Luis. The craft then started moving for some time, after which it stopped and the now terrified Luis floated through the air to a large, flat slab of rock surrounded by tall grass, where the creatures made him drink a bitter liquid into his mouth that made him lose consciousness.

Three days later, some fishermen found him passed out in the jungle and he was taken to a hospital. Doctors would examine him to find that his body was rigid and catatonic, to the point where his limbs could not even be moved. It was also found that his head had been shaved and that the hair seemed to have been burned off, and pricks with needles and pins produced no pain response. On top of it all, four of his molars had been broken off and were still bleeding. Throughout the whole examination, Kuis remained unresponsive and catatonic, and doctors could not figure out what was wrong with him. It would not be until a week later until he would regain his senses and be lucid enough to tell his deeply weird tale. The case would be covered by US journalist and ufologist Bob Pratt, and it is hard to know what to make of it all. Indeed, it is hard to know what to make of any of these cases, and they serve to just throw more weirdness onto the pile of the UFO and alien abduction phenomenon at large.

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