The UFO Phenomenon: Is it Extraterrestrial or Something Else?

When it comes to the matter of the origins of the UFO phenomenon, most people think we’re talking about extraterrestrials. But, the fact is there are multiple theories for what the UFO enigma might be. Let’s begin with the matter of time-travelers. Personally, I’m not against the time-travel angle of all this. In fact, one of the most well-known figures in Ufology has gripped the time-travel issue. Two of the most important and credible figures in this entire story are John Burroughs and Jim Penniston. Burroughs was in the U.S. Air Force for more than a quarter of a century, working in law enforcement. As for Penniston, he entered the USAF in 1973. At the time all hell broke loose in Rendlesham Forest, Penniston was a Senior Security Officer. Both men had startling encounters in those December 1980 nights. Penniston actually touched the whatever-it-was; something that he now believes caused him to receive a binary code message that was, essentially, downloaded into his mind. Techopedia explains what, precisely, binary codes are: “Binary code is the most simplistic form of data. It is represented entirely by a binary system of digits consisting of a string of consecutive zeros and ones. Binary code is often associated with machine code in that binary sets can be combined to form raw code, which is interpreted by a computer or other piece of hardware.”

(Nick Redfern) Time Travelers at Rendlesham Forest?

Formerly of the U.S. Air Force, and one of the key military players in the famous UFO encounter at Rendlesham Forest, Suffolk, England in December 1980, Sergeant Jim Penniston – in 1994 – underwent hypnotic regression, as part of an attempt to try and recall deeply buried data relative to what occurred to him during one of Britain’s closest encounters. Very interestingly, and while under hypnosis, Penniston stated that our presumed aliens are, in reality, visitors from a far-flung future. That future, Penniston added, is very dark, in infinitely deep trouble, polluted and where the Human Race is overwhelmingly blighted by reproductive problems. The answer to those same, massive problems, Penniston was told by the entities he met in the woods, is that they travel into the distant past – to our present day – to secure sperm, eggs and chromosomes, all as part of an effort to try and ensure the continuation of the severely waning Human Race of tomorrow.”

Now, let’s have a look at the paranormal / demonic side of everything. There’s no doubt there is a large body of people who absolutely believe the UFO mystery is driven by dangerous and deadly demons. Yes, you know: Heaven and Hell and all that. Back in January 2007, I interviewed a man named Ray Boeche. He has a fascinating background, as he is both a priest and a former state-director with MUFON, the Mutual UFO Network. At the time in question, I was thinking about writing a book on the infamous Rendlesham Forest UFO event of December 1980. I already knew that Boeche had spoken to a couple of government insiders who had shared some pretty bizarre and amazing data with him on the Rendlesham incident and on demons, too, too. It was data that suggested at least a significant portion of the affair may have revolved around the use of sophisticated demonic holograms, rather than anything extraterrestrial.

(Nick Redfern) UFOs, Demons and Final Events.

As I continued to chat with Boeche, however, he told me something that I found even more intriguing. Boeche revealed that his insider sources said they were attached to a classified program within the military-intelligence-government world that was seeking contact with what they termed “Non-Human Entities.” Or, NHEs for short. At first, the group  – that used the nickname of the “Collins Elite” – suspected that the entities were extraterrestrial. As time went on, however, that theory was replaced by a far more controversial one. The group came to believe they were dealing with nothing less than demonic entities from a realm of the supernatural. But, apparently, that didn’t stop the group from trying to contact and interact with them. But, what it came down to was this: elements of the U.S. government suspect strongly that aliens are really demons. I can only say: “Holy Hell!”

Reportedly – and as a result of the group trying to work with demons (as a means to take control of our world) – there were various deaths in the program (Boeche told me that his sources personally showed him graphic photos of some of the dead), ill-health, and bizarre runs of bad luck. It was if the entire project was cursed. In fact, that is exactly what some of the members of the group came to believe. When Ray told me all of this I found it far more fascinating than the Rendlesham idea. And, so, I decided to dig further into what was clearly a much stranger story, interviewing Boeche at length and seeking out other sources, too. Most of the information I uncovered on this group – which used the nickname of “The Collins Elite” (I still don’t know its real name) – was published in my 2010 book, Final Events. I don’t personally think that the NHEs are literal demons, but I do believe they are dangerous and manipulative entities from other realms of existence. However, for me the most notable and fascinating aspect of all this was the fact that some element of the U.S. Government was (and still is…) covertly funding the group, primarily those in government who adhere to the “Satanic UFO” angle.

It’s time to take a really strange angle, now. How about if our extraterrestrials live under the surface of our planet, but arhave always been here? The one person, more than any other, who championed the “Cryptoterrestrial”  theory was Mac Tonnies. He was not just known and respected for his work in the field of Martian anomalies: he also had a deep interest in the field of what he personally termed the Cryptoterrestrials. It’s a term he coined in the early 2000s, when his research into this particular arena began. For Tonnies the Cryptoterrestrials fell into two, clearly delineated groups. In essence, it goes like this: for Tonnies at least some UFO encounters and incidents – and particularly so alien abductions – were not the work of extraterrestrials. Rather, they were the work of an extremely ancient race of humanoids that developed alongside us, but who chose to stay away from us, aside from when they needed certain things from us; those “certain things” being our DNA, cells, eggs, sperm and so on – due to the fact that their civilization, today, is degrading and decaying and requires new blood.

(Nick Redfern) Mac Tonnies when he was in awe of a 1950s-era Flying Saucer.

So, the Cryptoterrestrials use us to beef up their race – at least, to the extent they are able to do so. And, nearly all the time, they stay under the surface. And, if they should be seen, they will quickly present them as ETs. Complicating this already controversial scenario, Tonnies also speculated on the possibility there is another group of Cryptoterrestrials in our midst. Like that other group that he was pursuing, Tonnies suggested they, too, were equally careful to remain hidden whenever and wherever possible. Tonnies suspected that this second group were possibly Martians – nothing less than the descendants of earlier Martians who fled their world in an ancient, unclear time, when Mars was facing near-destruction, and whether due to war, atmospheric collapse or both. Tonnies took things to an even more controversial level when he pondered on the scenario of both groups working together, in tandem, and as a means to save themselves and to protect themselves from us, the admittedly violent and destructive human race. Tonnies wondered what it might be like for the two-levelled Cryptoterrestrials – one of an ancient human type and the other a ragged band of Martians – fighting to live on, and having to secretly share the Earth with us, their worst potential enemy possible. Tonnies concluded that it would make good sense for the two factions to band together and carefully mask their real origins and intents.

Tonnies made a very good point when he noted that the two, primary, dominating types of aliens that are reported by eyewitnesses are (A) the bug-eyed, insect-like Grays; and (B) the very-human-looking Space Brothers of the type that George Van Tassel met out at Giant Rock in the 1950s. Tonnies suggested that the Space Brothers were not aliens, but Cryptoterrestrials. He also opined that the Space Brothers presented themselves in the way they did – as concerned ETs who wanted us to dismantle our weapons of mass destruction – because they knew that if we provoked a third world war, they too, would be annihilated. So, they did what they could to help the situation – and particularly in the 1950s, when there was a great deal of alarm and anxiety about nuclear war – by disguising themselves as something very different to their real form.

(Nick Redfern) Space Brothers, Contactees and the Integratron.

As for those Martian Cryptoterrestrials, Tonnies felt they may have been here for so long they may have agreed to band together; presenting themselves to us as something very different to what they really are: (A) an offshoot of us and (B) a race of stranded Martians whose technology may not be sufficient enough to allow them to return to their home planet of Mars – or what is left of it. And another angle to muse upon: Maybe, our visitors – friendly or not – are multi-dimensional. Could it be? Possibly? For example, Albert Bender’s Men in Black – back in the early 1950s – would not descend on him not out of a UFO, but usually appearing out of portals. In other words, ton many occasions they walked through walls, no less. Maybe, it’s the same for the Shadow People, the Hat-Man, the Grinning Man, Ingrid Cold, and more: they just might all be aliens, but in multi-dimensional worlds and with not another solar system or galaxy in sight.

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