UFO Landing in Colombia, Snail-Riding Tardigrades, UFO Lawsuit and More Mysterious News Briefly

Mysterious News Briefly
UFO Magazine Inc. is suing Showtime Networks for trademark infringement over “UFO,” a J.J. Abrams-produced docuseries exploring the government’s role in covering up sightings of unidentified flying objects – since 2007, UFO Magazine has owned the trademark for “Entertainment in the nature of a television series and motion picture film series.” This could get interesting if aliens show up with their own Reptilian lawyers.

An anteater infected with rabies at a Tennessee zoo potentially exposed more than a dozen people to the deadly virus, making this the first known case of rabies in the southern tamandua or lesser anteater (Tamandua tetradactyla) from South America, and the variant of rabies is not typically seen in Tennessee, meaning the animal caught the virus before its transfer. A case of bad ants?

Tardigrades – everyone’s favorite indestructible microscopic water bears – may have been to space, but a new study found that when they’re back on Earth they like to travel by riding on the backs of land snails that share their habitats. What did one tardigrade say to another as it passed by on a fast snail? Look at that S-car go! (Sorry!)

In an interview from space, the first-ever all-civilian mission to the International Space Station revealed they are ready to become the first all-civilian mission to the Moon – even though they know it would cost far more than the $55 million per ticket they paid to fly to the space station. Or they could buy Twitter.

Scientists are baffled by a mysterious new disease causing liver inflammation in children that is showing up in Scotland, England and the U.S. – they fear it could be a new adenovirus variant attacking children with underdeveloped immune systems. This is not what we meant when we taught kids to share.

A new study of giant redwoods found that the huge, long-lived trees may be able to survive climate change because they have two different types of leaves – one that thrives in wet environments and the other more suited for dry conditions. If they really want to survive, they still need giant pinecones to drop on loggers.

While the development of human civilization is generally linked to the rise of farming and the availability of surplus food, a new study suggests the kind of food grown was more important – cultures like the Maya who grew long-lasting and storable maize grew faster than cultures living at the same time in South America who grew surpluses of casava, which is a highly perishable root crop. And now you know why there are no Casava Bells.

Those worried about recent news concerning the amounts of so-called ‘forever chemical’ in the human body may want to consider donating blood – a new study of firefighters who gave blood regularly and whose job exposes them to high amounts of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS – a chemical in firefighting foam) found a significant reduction in blood PFAS levels compared to the control group. What about the people who received the blood? (Asking for a logical friend.)

Astronomers studying a gas giant exoplanet orbiting three stars recently had an ‘oops!’ moment —  new evidence shows HD 131399 Ab, discovered six years ago, is actually a red giant star moving very quickly in the background and far away from the three-star HD 131399 system … they’re blaming the error on its red color which made it look like a planet. There goes the plot of at least three new space movies.

A photographer in Colombia claims the object in a video he recorded on April 9, 2022, is a saucer-shaped craft flying over Medellín that was witnessed by several other people and appeared to have landed in the city. A saucer-shaped drone or ship making a pickup to deliver to the Capricorn Cartel

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