UFOs and Aliens Reported in Caieiras in Brazil by Many Witnesses

Some unusual and somewhat troubling events reportedly occurred in a small city in Brazil in mid-June of 2022. Residents of this small city say they are puzzled as to why the events did not get any publicity in the mainstream media considering how many reliable witnesses there were to attest to them. It; is now over a month later and, despite posting their accounts on social media platforms, the stories still have not received the attention these witnesses believe they deserve. Why is the media and Brazilian government refusing to investigate or even acknowledge what happened in June 2022 when many residents of Caieiras saw a UFO and for days later saw extraterrestrials wandering through their town? Is it some kind of cover up? Something worse? Or is it an elaborate hoax to increase tourism?

“Much has been said and is still speculated about a UFO, an unidentified flying object, having reached a forested area on Estrada do Ajoá, in Morro Grande, in Caieiras, as well as the presence of extraterrestrials wandering through the place between the 13th and 14th of this year. month. As soon as the news appeared on social networks, expectations were created about the topic and thousands of comments were made. According to reports on Facebook and Instagram groups, residents woke up to a huge bang and a flash of light. It looked like something heavy and even raised the possibility of an aircraft crash.”

The media site Regiional News (rnews.com.br) reported on this UFO sighting, referring to it as the “Caieiras UFO ,” and claims that it requested more information and received no official responses from municipal, state or federal security authorities, nor from the mainstream media. In fact, the lesser media sources that did report on it referred to another famous Brazilian sighting in 1996 that was said to have been hidden by the government. (More on that later.) The best account of the events comes from My UFO Research, where Cesare Valocchia recently reveals the results of some serious digging for details on the UFO sighting of June 14 and the alien sightings that followed.

“Last month the news of a disconcerting event occurred in a small town in Brazil in a wooded area on the road do Ajoá, in Morro Grande, in Caieiras. Some witnesses claim that they were awakened that night by a loud bang and that shortly thereafter a noise similar to something was heard as if he were dragging himself on the ground. Some say they saw a light fall from the sky.”

According to Valocchia, residents of Caieiras – situated between São Paulo and Jundiaí and called “The City of the Pines” for its forests – saw firefighters and an army convoy in the area shortly after the sighting. That would be unusual if the UFO was a hot air balloon as some people suggested. He notes that multiple witnesses in different locations gave stories that matched precisely. One witness said the bang was so loud that it destroyed the windows of a neighboring house. A bright light and a loud noise sound more like a meteor sighting and crash – an event that would certainly warrant calling out fire teams and the military. However, what happened next seems to rule out this possibility as well.

“There were also some weird reports of weird, tall “people” walking around the city. One such report came from a group of friends who were close to the incident and they saw two humanoid beings as if they were trying to escape from someone. The first was of medium height and a strange tattoo on his arm, the other was about 2 meters tall and looked like he was trying to defend the other with a gray cloak. What happened next, there were soldiers running after the two, with what looked like a bat or a red lantern that would light up all around.”

The witnesses reported that the “soldiers” were wearing strange army uniforms that were unrecognizable. Could this just be a case of panic plus darkness obscuring the real identity of these tall beings and possible soldiers? Were they humans? Some witness accounts said no.

“These two strange beings didn’t seem to walk like a normal being, it’s almost as if they were on a track or floating.”

The Regional News reports it checked with the Southeast Military Command and was told “that on June 14, 2022, the Brazilian Army did not carry out any military operation in the city of Caieiras.” It also stated there were no reports of an aircraft crash. The site notes that Caieiras is on a busy route between the capital of São Paulo and Jundiaí, where there is a Military Unit of the Army, and there is an abundance of miliary traffic between them. My UFO Research provided additional information about the area – a few weeks before June 14, “a lot of weird lights (about 50)” were seen appearing and disappearing in the sky over the nearby state of Minas Gerais and were not from SpaceX’s Starlink satellites. Valocchia suspects both areas are victims of a government cover up, saying they have some things in common with each other, witih another UFO incident in Magé City in 2020, and with a famous UFO incident in Varginha in 1996.

As reported earlier this year in Mysterious Universe, in January of 1996, a number of people in Varginha, Brazil, claimed to have witnessed a UFO and encountered one or more extraterrestrials. As the story spread, there were reports the Brazilian military had captured two ETs and the news was picked up by the mainstream media, including The Wall Street Journal in the U.S. While the incident and the eyewitness account by three female witnesses inspired a local disc-shaped water reservoir and tourist sites catering to the story, the military and the Brazilian government have never confirmed the UFO nor the aliens. In January 2022, a man came forward who claimed he helped soldiers capture an extraterrestrial in what came to be known as Brazil’s Roswell incident … with the same government denials and rumors of cover ups.

Valocchia says the strange soldiers with unfamiliar uniforms carrying a red bat or a red lantern were from an unknown area of ​​the army which deals with UFO incidents. He says that although many witnesses recorded helicopters circling the area where the light fell, by dawn the next day nothing was found and the helicopters were gone. Because it was night, no recordings of the object or the aliens were made – at least none that were made public.

No selfies either

Regional News asks “Can the Caieiras UFO case make the city the next Varginha? Would that be good for local tourism?” Does it suspect a hoax perpetrated for the sake of tourism dollars?

What happened in Caieras in June of 2022? Is the “Caieiras UFO” real? Did it drop off ETs? Is the Brazilian government covering up the incident? Why? Is this a ‘false flag’ to increase tourism? Of is it a false flag for something more sinister?

The Varginha UFO incident of 1996 is still not resolved to the satisfaction of many. Will the Caieiras UFO incident of 2022 join it?

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