3 Historic UFO Sightings Backed Up By Photos and Video

Ufology has always had its share of hoaxes, false reports, and disinformation. As a researcher, I try my best to find UFO cases that are worthy of being taken seriously. Most of the time I succeed, but there are times when I have been fooled by clever hoaxes, acting, or elaborate computer-generated images.
Here are 3 historic UFO cases I recently examined that have all the hallmarks of being the real deal. I present them to you with the fond hope that they may even satisfy some of you who are borderline skeptics.
Case No. 1
This UFO video was captured in Ashland, Nebraska on Nov. 30, 2003, by a man, who along with his wife witnessed the event.
They reported the incident to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) and the Mutual UFO Network
“Here is the short Video of the Incident, with the eyewitness report and documentation following:

“About 12:45 PM my husband yelled for me to come outside, what I saw was shocking and disturbing a very large, dark colored disk-shaped object was hovering in the sky just south of my home. The object seemed to move in all directions (swoop from side to side and upside down) at times it looked as if it were floating then it would very quickly and smoothly fly further south and then come back.
At one point the object seemed to be on its side with the top facing us while in that position a very bright white light came from the object. After a couple of minutes the object slowly moved further up and further south, my husband ran in to get the camcorder and shot approx. 15-20 seconds of footage before the object was blocked by trees and [no] longer in view. We have shown the footage to several people all were shocked and believe what they saw was a UFO.”
Copies of Original NUFORC and MUFON Reports:

This couple sought no publicity,  yet felt as though what they had witnessed was important enough to record and report, despite the great risk of being ridiculed.
Case No. 2
The Day a  UFO Flap Stopped Football Game in Tuscany
On Oct. 27, 1954, a football game attended by 10,000 fans came to a halt during a match, when people in the stadium in  Florence began pointing to the sky and stopped watching the match en masse.The Fiorentina club was playing against its local rival Pistoiese, but even the players stopped and became silent as they stood in awe of what was unfolding in the heavens above them.

Eyewitness Account
According to the BBC, one of the footballers on the pitch that day, Ardico Magnini, recalled the following:

“I remember everything from A to Z,” he says. “It was something that looked like an egg that was moving slowly, slowly, slowly. Everyone was looking up and also there was some glitter coming down from the sky, silver glitter.
“We were astonished we had never seen anything like it before. We were absolutely shocked.”
Other Witnesses Interviewed by the BBC

Gigi Boni, a lifelong Fiorentina fan: “I remember clearly seeing this incredible sight,” he says. His description of multiple objects differs slightly from Magnini’s.
They were moving very fast and then they just stopped. It all lasted a couple of minutes. I would like to describe them as being like Cuban cigars. They just reminded me of Cuban cigars, in the way they looked.”

The Real Thing

According to the BBC,  Boni has spent many years reliving that day in his mind. “I think they were extra-terrestrial. That’s what I believe, and there’s no other explanation I can give myself.”
Another of the players, Romolo Tuci,  agrees, according to the BBC:  “In those years everybody was talking about aliens, everybody was talking UFOs and we had the experience, we saw them, we saw them directly, for real.”
The many witnesses and evidence presented in this case are tough to refute.
Case No. 3
Nick Mariana / Montana UFO Color Film of UFOs Video #2
NICAP Investigator Fran Ridge:
Aug. 15, 1950; Great Falls, Montana (BBU)
11:30 a.m.  Nick Mariana, the general manager of the Great Falls “Electrics” baseball team, while checking the wind at a baseball field, saw two saucer-shaped objects motionless in the sky. Mariana ran to his car to get his movie camera. Mariana at this point started to film the objects. The objects were still motionless except for a tilt and then the objects corrected their plane to a seemingly balanced position.
The objects then made an abrupt flight in an arc motion at a very high speed. He was able to obtain 16 mm color movies of the two UFOs which appear as bright circular points of light. This once Top Secret footage of UFOs, filmed at closer range, is considered as “unknown”. Sections of the film (35 frames) confirming the visual observation of discs with rotating rims, were reported missing from the film when returned by Air Force.
The remaining footage was contained in the United Artists documentary movie “UFO” and compared to July 2, 1952, Tremonton, Utah film showing similar images. Mr. Mariana used Daylight Kodachrome film in a Revere turret-type camera and obtained 315 frames showing the UFOs.
The film was examined by the Air Force and Navy, but no formal reports were released. Report on Photogrammetric analysis by Dr. Robert M.L. Baker, Jr., Douglas Aircraft Corporation, on file at NICAP.  Air Force explanation that UFOs were reflections off jet aircraft said to be “quite strained,” and the analyst states no definite conclusion. However, UFOs could not be explained as any conventional objects.
Mike Swords:1). the local USAF investigator on this wrote that it happened August 15th; 2). Blue Book proceeded as if that was true vis-a-vis debunking, thus going for the “two jets landing” at the airbase that day; 3). Ruppelt chose to write about the case as if it were August 15th; 4). the Great Falls Leader of August 15th has a news clipping about the filming and says therein: ” Two objects… sailed across the sky at Legion park this morning.” What we can at least say is that the local newspaper was told that it just happened. This then would easily be the earliest statement by Mariana as to the date. I believe that Colorado also dealt with it as an August 15th date
Barry Greenwood:
I’ve been doing a lot of searching and digging in old newspapers and finally got into Montana papers. It is now a done deal that Mariana’s baseball team was called the “Electrics,” not “Selectrics.” I think the mistake came one time when someone dragged a lazy “S” either verbally or in print and the “S” in Great Falls migrated to the Electrics. “Great Falls Selectrics.” See what I mean?Fran Ridge:
Knowing about image reduction in my Lunascan work I can state very clearly that based on what the camera/film shows are objects that would have been very large to the eye and that jet sounds would have been very noticeable. Ruppelt’s own investigation then ruled out aircraft, and as far as he was concerned the case was an “unknown.” (104) The July/August 1950 sighting index says the files are in a “separate folder.” Dan Wilson recently located 110 documents. [August 2012]

Here is the film:

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