Montreal Woman Witnesses Rooftop UFO Landing and 2 Tall Aliens Leaving Trace Evidence

Searching newspaper archives I came upon an interesting close encounter that involved a Montreal woman, two 6-foot-5 in. aliens, and trace evidence left by their footprints and their “plate-shaped” UFO.
An eyewitness account of this otherworldly incident was published in the daily newspaper Le Petit Journal, Montreal, Canada, week for January 15 to 21, 1977.  The incident occurred Jan. 6, 1977:
Mrs. Florida Malboeuf can’t sleep anymore!

Story published in the reputable Le Petit Journal
Mrs. Florida Malboeuf, aged 58, of the 6420th of Casgrain street, in Montreal, is deeply traumatized. You would be with less. On this Thursday of the last 6 January, rather insomniac, Mrs. Malboeuf sat at her window. It is 1:30 a.m. in the morning. Suddenly, what does she see? A kind of big plate or rather a large oyster, 15 feet in diameter, landing on the roof of one of the opposite houses (more precisely the 6399th of Casgrain street, Burelle corner).

Artist’s concept of 2 tall aliens in tight-fitting suits
She rubs her eyes, pinches herself to see whether she is dreaming. But she must surrender to reality: she sees what she sees. And this is not all. From this silver-gray apparatus equipped with headlights at its base, from this flying saucer (for there is no more doubt that it is one, Mrs. Malboeuf sees two strange beings 6 feet and 5 inches of size come out, dressed of a pale suit, without belt and very tight. These “beings from space” do not seem to weigh more than 25 pounds each one so light is their walk. They advance towards the edge of the roof, look in the street, then towards the sky. They reinstate their apparatus now and disappear as they came. The whole, from the landing to takeoff, did not last a minute.
“I was not interested in the flying saucers,” Mrs. Malboeuf said. “I didn’t even believe in it at all. This event upset me so much that I of would have much preferred never not to have seen that…”
It was however as it is told, something amazing. It is understood that at that hour, the dog of a neighbor started to howl, the owner of the animal unable to calm it. Nevertheless worried to have been victim of a nasty trick, Mrs. Malboeuf hesitated to call the police.

Artist’s concept of trace evidence left by UFO
She only this that a few hours later when her son André, aged 25 years, went up on the roof of the house which received this weird visit to have the surprise of his life there: the discovery of a circle of 15 feet in diameter of molten snow and ice. Mrs. Malboeuf also called in Dorval where it was admitted that a strange object slipping by from west to east was seen that night, in the sky of Montreal at approximate of 800 miles per hour. Moreover, four or five other people called in Dorval to confirm the phenomenon.
Follow-Up On Trace Evidence — Including Footprints
Here is a more detailed explanation of what Mrs. Malboeuf son, a journalist and UFO investigators found at the site thanks to a report by URECAT (UFO Related Entities Catalog)
When he reached the rooftop he was startled by what he saw. A 20-foot-wide circular sheet of ice covered a thin layer of snow. It was obvious that some form of heat had melted the snow and the circle had subsequently frozen over. This ice sheet was flanked by two smaller oval-shaped ice patches a few feet away, presumably created by the same heat source. The smaller icy layers appeared to be flat, whereas the larger one was visibly depressed in the center, forming a shallow crater.
Andre immediately called Le Journal de Montreal to report what had happened, and notified air traffic control at Dorval Airport, who advised that his statements would be forwarded to both the Canadian and the U.S. NORAD Headquarters. He was also informed by Dorval’s air traffic control that three other persons had called them to report a UFO drifting above the nearby Rosemont subway station, moments after his mother’s sighting.
The next day, photo journalist Gilles Lafrance of Le Journal de Montreal interviewed Mrs. Malboeuf and photographed the landing site. That same day, her son called Montreal Urban Community Police and two of their officers came a short time later and interviewed Mrs. Malboeuf and conducted an investigation which they specified to be unofficial and personal.
Following the appearance of the story in the Sunday edition of Le Journal de Montreal and the weekly tabloid, The Sunday Express, local UFO investigators converged on the scene of the sighting. The first to arrive was Howard Gontovnick, a Laval area ufologist who publishes the periodical UFO-Canada. Despite the fact that much of the ice layers were covered by drifting snow, he managed to take several color photos. The next day, Marc Leduc of UFO-Quebec also visited Mrs. Malboeuf, but due to a severe snowstorm he was prevented from inspecting the rooftop. He came back on Wednesday night with Wido Hoville of UFO-Quebec, Howard Gontovnick and Paul Dubeau, another of the UFO witnesses of this January 6 sighting.
Together with Andre Malboeuf, they embarked on the perilous ascent to the top of the building, where they made another surprise discovery. Four peculiar footprints, originating at the center of the ice mass and pointing toward the roof’s edge were found. Although these imprints resembled the heel and toe marks of a boot, they were unlike any of the men had ever seen before. They were only six inches long and only 1.7 inches wide, excluding they had been made by an adult. Due to the extreme difficulty in reaching the rooftop and the narrow width of the prints, the possibility that they might belong to a child was also excluded. Unlike the structure of an ordinary foot, the curvature of these imprints was sharply exaggerated toward the inside.
Unfortunately, I have not been able to locate the evidence photographs or any of their copies.

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