Captured In Video The Landing Of A UFO In The Mojanda Volcano

Ecuador: Captured on video the landing of a UFO in the Mojanda volcano

The incredible images we show represent a sensational document unprecedented in UFO landings around the world.

The video you can see below was recorded by two citizens of Canton de Otvalo (located 110 km from Quito) who in May 2020 were visiting the volcanoes Imbabura (4630 m), Cotacachi (4944 m) and Mojanda (4263m) .

Just below the Mojanda volcano, the two citizens stopped to watch with binoculars taking a closer look at the top of the volcano and the surrounding mountains. A beautiful spectacle that nature has in store in this extraordinary place on one of the most active volcanoes in Ecuador.

As they watched, the two witnesses noticed a mysterious object sitting atop one of the rocky peaks around the volcanic cone of Mojanda. One of the two took a smartphone and managed to film with the binoculars a real UFO in the shape of a disc and silver that had landed very close to the volcano. Watch!!

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