Interest in UFOs, among the general population, is perhaps even higher as we enter 2022 than it was when we approached 2021. Whether or not this interest will lead, directly or indirectly, to further releases of information remains to be seen. However, in the next 12 months, it looks like more and more reports of sightings of strange objects in our skies will come from all over the world. So, UFO sightings in 2022.

UFO “escort” over Connecticut, January 21

In Durham, Connecticut, there was unusual footage. On which you can see how a strange object is “escorted” by two Blackhawk military helicopters. There is little other information about these footage, and we should of course treat it with a bit of skepticism.

How authentic the video can be, the question will probably remain open. We have to ask ourselves, for example, if there was a covert mission to escort an object over America, perhaps. It would not have been transported at such a low altitude through a densely populated part of the country. Unless, of course, after the object appeared and the escort was an interception mission.

A disk-shaped object over South Carolina on January 6

Veteran UFO researcher Scott S. Waring reported a truly strange but intriguing sighting from Orangeburg, South Carolina on the evening of January 6th. According to Waring’s report, the witness was a former USAF veteran with a good knowledge of aircraft and aviation. And this means that he “immediately realized that this was not an artificial ship.”

The witness stated in his report that he was smoking a cigarette in his backyard when he noticed the strange object. It appeared from behind the branches and “pulsed with colorful lights.” After a few seconds, two spherical objects “floated” out of the object and began to flash red.

The witness watched as the objects moved slowly and calmly over his head. Finally disappearing behind the thickets that towered over his property. What is perhaps interesting, given the connection between UFOs and water, is that these thickets led to swamps.

Incidentally, Waring stated that he believed the footage was “100 percent real.” And that he could find “no indication that it was a fake.” You can form your own opinion and view the footage in the video below.

A strange object was filmed in the daytime sky over Bakersfield, California on January 4.

A truly strange aerial anomaly was seen on the afternoon of January 4 in Bakersfield, California. According to the witness, he and his father were locking up their shop and preparing to go home that day. When they noticed “something strange” above their heads. At first, they thought they must be watching the plastic bags that were blown away by the wind. However, the more they looked, the more they realized that it was something more unusual.

At this point, they alerted their father to the strange image above them. They both stood and watched him for several minutes. Noting that he climbed from 1,000 feet to about 15,000 feet before they lost sight of him.

They managed to capture almost two minutes of the strange object, which seems to show something really strange. Whatever it is, it’s certainly intriguing. You can view these footage below.

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