Top 8 Weirdest Alien Bases Found by Experts on Google Maps, Most Especially in Antarctica

Whether you believe there are aliens in life or not, you can’t deny that these base areas found on Google Maps look a bit strange.

Alien hunters are constantly scouring the web of free maps to “catch” signs of aliens. Come check it out with us!

Objects suspected of being “alien ships” in Antarctica

In April this year, UFO hunters confirmed a strange object, some 500 meters long in the waters off Antarctica, believed to be a mysterious alien ship or underwater base.

Antarctica is a barren wasteland of ice and snow, but UFO hunters often assume that the continent contains many alien bases. This place serves as a perfect place to hide spaceships and build bases because there are no settlers.

According to UFO Sightings Hotspot: “Typically, icebergs come in many different shapes and sizes. But the object in this discovery doesn’t fit the common classifications of icebergs. Icebergs are classified as icebergs. types based on shape. The two basic types of icebergs are flat and non-planar. Flat icebergs have steep slopes and flat tops that are very similar to a plain, while non-flat icebergs have many different shapes.” .

Although there are many opinions that this giant structure is actually an iceberg that has been washed off the coast of Antarctica, the “UFO fanatic” community still insists that it is a strange ship in disguise.

Some people even suggested the possibility that the 500m-long object captured by Google Image could be an “underwater alien base”.

Previously, the SecureTeam10 team shared an image of a disc-shaped object that half protruded outside the cave when zooming in on a mountainous area in Antarctica.

Google maps: 72° 43’13.53″ S 78° 40’21.56″ W

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The Martian structure is “identical” to the Japanese tomb

There is a Kofun period tomb in Japan that looks exactly like a mound on Mars when viewed from above.

Alien hunters discovered the pair on Google Maps, the Martian feature of Google Earth, and believe it to be evidence that Martians settled on Earth hundreds of years after an event Terrible events force them to leave the Red Planet.

These two images look similar but could this be just a coincidence?

Google Maps: 36° 07’45.6″ N 139° 28’53.0″ E

Google Earth: Select the planet icon, select Mars, and search for 6° 3’57.07″ N 92° 4’13.22″ E.

Alien Underwater Base

Is this giant pyramid shape visible below the surface of the Pacific Ocean an alien underwater facility?

That’s what Argentine researcher Marcelo Igazusta believes and claims the measured objects are 8.5 miles (about 13.6km) long.

Google Maps: 12° 8’1.49″ N 119° 35’26.39″ W

Spaceship in Romania

A keen-eyed user observed what appeared to be a spaceship parked underneath – but cautiously unprotected – in Romania.

After years of speculation, it finally emerged that it was actually a water tower built in the last century. There’s no sign of alien life here, but it’s also a confusing sign to look at.

Google Maps: 45° 42’12.4″ N 21° 18’07.6″ E

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The entrance to the mysterious alien base thanks to Google Map

Alien search website UFO Sightings Daily claims to have found the entrance to a mysterious alien base in Argentina.

A floating island suspected to be the entrance to an alien base has been found not far from Buenos Aires, Argentina on Google Map.

The name of this floating island is Eye – a circular land about 120m in diameter surrounded by a small canal. Both the inner and outer circles are perfect, with the central circle moving and rotating around its axis.

This leads many to question what led to this strange base formation? Why is it moving? How can it remain intact without deformation after a long period of time? Why don’t aquatic plants grow around it?

The UFO research team decided to investigate and discovered that the water there was very clear and cold, however there was something unusual. They have yet to find out anything more than the island is floating.

Meanwhile, UFO Sightings Daily contributor Scott C. Waring, who used to work for the US Air Force at SAC base, said: “Argentina is a place where UFOs are more frequent than other parts of the world and this is how the aliens hide the entrance to their rescue, because this floating island has a round shape, big enough for a 100m UFO to fly over.”

Although the island has yet to be discovered, it is undeniable that it is a strange phenomenon and is located in an inaccessible place.

Google Maps: 34° 15’07.8″ S 58° 49’47.4″ W

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UFO found in restricted area of ​​Arizona

Is this a crashed flying saucer? YouTube user account Secureteam10 spotted a strange object in a restricted area of ​​Arizona – which made everyone more curious.

Google Earth cameras have recorded an object that looks a lot like a “falling saucer-shaped UFO” in a mountain area in the state of Arizona, USA, according to a video recently posted by YouTube user Secureteam10. This video has attracted the attention of quite a few people.

When zoomed in for a closer look, this “UFO” appears as a giant circular object, with a white SUV parked next to it.

Of course, not everyone is convinced as there are some who say it could just be a tent.

User Joshua Youngblood commented:

“I tried looking it up on Google Earth and took a closer look. There are some old disjointed structures in the vicinity and it resembles a solar panel. I assume this is a water tank. Moreover, it is also located in the middle of Swaggart Spring. And this is not a no-fly zone.”

In addition, Andrew Hennessey wrote:

“It looks like a half-inflated tent, or even an inflatable dinghy that’s flipped upside down to be used as a tent.”

If you’d like to see the object yourself on Google Maps or Google Earths, enter the following coordinate code: 31°26’43.0″N 109°04’30.0″W into Google Earth.

Google Maps: 31° 26’43” N 109° 4’30” W

UFO Intrusion In Antarctica

Valentin Degterev, an interest in unidentified flying objects (UFOs) in Russia believes that he has found the crash site of an alien flying device located in Antarctica.

A UFO hunter during the exploration of Antarctica via Google Earth satellite suddenly discovered a white strange object lying below the surface of Antarctica.

When zooming in on the photo, it can be seen that this strange object is 22km long, has an unusual white color, and has a special shape. So far, no artificial works have been published right at this determined location coordinates, so experts believe that this may be the mysterious operating base of alien civilization on Earth.

Or is it a strange speck that can be seen in the snow – what do you think?

Google Maps: 80° 34’08.4″ S 30° 05’19.3″ W

Sign of alien flying saucers in Antarctica

Unidentified flying object (UFO) hunters discovered an object suspected to be an alien spacecraft in Antarctica via Google Earth satellite images.

UFO hunters Secure Team shared an image of a saucer-shaped object half protruding outside the cave on YouTube while zooming in on a mountainous area in Antarctica. The discovery is billed as “the latest evidence of secret technology” on the ice continent.

“This is an important find, one of the most unnatural and unusual structures we have ever found in Antarctica,” said the Secure Team.

However, others remain skeptical, pointing out that the unidentified flying object does not cast a shadow and that this may just be a crack in the ice.

Google maps: 66° 16’24.1″ S 100° 59’04.8″ E

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