Intelligent Alien Life Spotted On CERES – New Evidence?!

Dawn, a NASA spacecraft sent out to recon Ceres’ orbit to see if there were any signs of life. The mission that appeared to have failed again was proving to be an aberration.

These two spots, which reflect light in an unnatural and unusual way, were right in front of the lens.

It was also found three miles above the planet’s surface a strange pyramid-shaped mountain.

Do you think there is a connection? NASA agreed to send Dawn out again to take close-up images of the planet. Dawn also took additional photographs of the planet, including mapping more than 2,700 miles of its surface, on the 11th May 2015. It didn’t explain anything this time. Instead, it just added to the weirdness. At least eight spots have been discovered in one of our planet’s most brightest regions.

While some may assume that it is all ice and salt deposits, most people are wrong.

This is because in January 2014, multiple water vapour emissions emerged out of nowhere. It’s a sign that life could exist here due to the existence of life.

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