A Triangular UFO Absorbing The Energy Of Lightning (VIDEO)

A Triangular UFO Absorbing The Energy Of Lightning (VIDEO)

Strange aircraft that defy all rules of physics have been reported over the years. Those who have seen him in our sky say he is incredibly enormous and silent, but what is most striking about him is his peculiar shape: triangular. The Federation of American Scientists (FAS) was dispatched to investigate reports of unexplained flying objects. According to a report on its website, the presence of these mystery aircraft has been known since the late 1980s. (UFO in the shape of a triangle)

Witnesses claim to have observed a massive object, ranging in size from 180 to 240 meters broad, flying silently. These “ships” moved at such a sluggish pace that a person could chase her down. They appear to be unlike any other plane because of their inconceivable movements and unusual patterns. Despite the numerous claims of triangular UFOs over the years, nothing has been found. There is now very little information available concerning their origins or intended uses. As a result, the riddle of the “flying triangles” remains unsolved. Despite the fact that we already have proof of its existence thanks to the Internet. In a new video, a bizarre triangular flying object can be seen clearly in the middle of a thunderstorm. (UFO in the shape of a triangle)

The UFO’s triangular shape

Tyler Glockner, who operates the YouTube channel Secureteam10,’ is a well-known UFO researcher. That just posted a video of an unidentified flying object in the shape of a triangle passing over the sky during a thunderstorm. The triangular UFO could have been buried within the rays, according to Glockner.

“It’s really evident,” Glockner said. “And without a doubt, what I can draw from this is that it’s a strange item or possibly a peculiar cloud in the shape of a TR-3B.” Whatever it is, it must be concealed in the sky. It appears to be dark and stiff. It appears to be a triangular, or lighter, V-shaped object.

In the video, a triangular object can be seen in the sky in the middle of large rays crossing the clouds. Glockner claimed to have spotted further lights coming out of the ship in a triangle form after examining the photographs.

“It appears that these mystery things are using 200,000 amperes of lightning to charge their cosmic batteries,” he continued. “The UFO appears to be impervious to lightning strikes.” The beam’s energy is being absorbed by the object. (UFO in the shape of a triangle)

Glockner’s video, which he posted on November 23, went viral on social media, with individuals suggesting a variety of hypotheses to explain the bizarre occurrence. The unusual triangular object was thought by many to be an extraterrestrial craft or the well-known TR-3B. A rumored American surveillance plane built using extraterrestrial technology reverse-engineered.

For the past two decades, the “Black Triangle” has been a source of controversy in the conspiracy community. According to conspiracy theorists, the US Air Force developed this ship utilizing Area 51 antigravity technology. Furthermore, extraterrestrial civilizations would have aided the scientists in charge of the secret project. This latest movie, on the other hand, demonstrates that advanced ships are prepared to absorb the rays’ energy in order to travel on our planet and through space. (UFO in the shape of a triangle)

While many individuals believe the photographs clearly depict an alien ship, others are skeptical. Most skeptics have said it’s just a gap in the clouds. Lightning, dirt in the camera lens, or computer-generated pictures (CGI), in other words, a montage, illuminate this.

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