Hikers Capture Clear Photo of Giant Grey Alien

A group of expeditionary stumbled upon a huge grey humanoid alien in the forest. The forest is a famous hiking destination and is located between the mountains of Rila and Plovdiv, in Bulgaria.

It was one of the members of the group who discovered the strange creature.

While the other members of the group were still unaware of this creature – partly because of the dense vegetation that obstructed the view – the hiker manages to take a picture of the creature that immediately rose up and slid into the trees.

As you can see from the picture, it is a gigantic grey alien with a human-like shape. Moreover, if we zoom the image, we can see in more detail the features of the creature and what a striking resemblance it bears with another huge alien captured on video in Australia and Argentina.

Take a look at the video and draw your own conclusions.


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