The Camera Captures The Image Of Two Mysterious Creatures Believed To Be Aliens Looking For Something

The pair of purported alien ETs was filmed in August by a Ring doorbell camera in Dallas, Texas. Grainy nighttime footage appears to show the driveway of a private residence as two bipedal creatures stroll across. Although the footage is not clear enough to distinguish the creatures’ features, some UFO hunters have suggested this could be a genuine pair of extraterrestrials.

Scott Waring, a popular conspiracy theorist and self-appointed UFO expert shared the footage on his blog UFO Sightings Daily.

He said: “This footage came from a Ring door cam. It was recorded automatically by the door cam.

In the footage we see two very short creatures walking around in the parking lot. The creatures look to be about a foot tall or less.

“There are dozens of old UFO landing reports that talk about eyewitnesses seeing small alien creatures, some that move incredibly fast, but none were harmful but were reported to be very mischievous.

UFO hunter Scott Waring believes these mystery creatures are alien visitors

In Mr Waring’s opinion, the two creatures caught on camera are looking for something.

He added: “It’s very possible that these are two intelligent alien beings and they landed to get a close up look at life on Earth for a few minutes.

“Intelligence is not regulated by size, but by will of the species to evolve and survive.”

The footage has also been shared on YouTube, where it was dissected by believers and critics alike.

The supposed aliens were caught on video by a

The video, uploaded to the Spanish channel Mundo Esoterico y Paranormal or Esoteric and Paranormal World has already been viewed more than 46,000 times.

Viewers left comments suggesting the creatures are goblins or some form of an animal.

And that second theory seems to be the most likely explanation according to popular hoax debunker Scott Brando.

Mr Brando runs the fact-checking group UFO of Interest and frequently challenges Mr Waring’s bizarre claims.

Do you believe alien ETs are visiting our planet?

In his opinion, the “alien creatures” might simply be a pair of owls on a nighttime stroll.

He tweeted: “A follower sent me this short footage taken in Dallas, Texas, on driveway Ring camera on August 28, 2020.

“What are those weird creatures? Aliens? Two small humanoids?

“I think it’s a couple of owls. Also have you ever seen a walking owl?”

So why would UFO hunters like Mr Waring ever assume they could be aliens?

According to Joseph P Laycock, Assistant Professor at Texas State University, aliens and UFOs have become a type of new mythology.

He wrote in 2016: “Contactee lore also started applying ‘scientific ideas’ as a way to repackage some of the mysterious forces associated with traditional religions.

“Folklore expert Daniel Wojcik has termed belief in benevolent space aliens as ‘techno-millenarianism.’

“Instead of God, some UFO believers think forms of alien technology will be what redeems the world.”


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