Guy Recorded A Black Triangle UFO Over Chicago And Fears For His Life

Walter Rand, of Chicago, Illinois, in the United States, contacted UFO researchers on May 2nd, 2015, and was truly afraid for his safety because of what he had photographed.

In this day and age, with everything we hear about the government getting up to no good, especially with black ops, secret agencies, and plausible deniability agreements with shadow agents and shadow interrogation centers, secret prisons, and people being held without trial for years.

People have come out to testify of horrendous human rights violations by democratic governments in these legal systems that simply do not exist.

Believe me when I say that they were the subject of a major exposé that brought everything to light and blew the lid off the culture of secrecy, as well as the alleged “torment” imposed on individuals who had rights at one point! Nothing surprises me anymore, and believe me when I say that it began shortly after 2001 “which comes as no surprise” because these were the first years in which everything that was held dear to a fair US democracy, such as justice, democracy itself, and human rights, was allowed to be thrown out and tossed into the trashcan.

Look at what he’s shot, it’s a UFO. No wonder he’s worried, no surprise he’s afraid for his life. If it had to be kept secret, and this individual knew about it, and the government couldn’t risk the knowledge getting out… It’s no surprise that Walter Rand was concerned about his personal well-being.

So, when someone obtains photographic proof of probable Extraterrestrial spacecraft on Earth, even if it was captured in public, it’s normal that they could feel frightened and apprehensive, and it’s also understandable that they might distrust the authorities knowing what they’re capable of. Walter Rand is the man in question, and he resides in Chicago, Illinois. He was merely doing his own business when he saw something weird in the sky, a black UFO shaped like a triangle, and he did what I would do 100 percent of the time, he photographed it.
I’d probably tape it and then be less worried, but I’d absolutely back it up 50 trillion times and have copies of it all over the place.

Mr MIB, please come fetch me. Okay, this man wasn’t being serious, and I’ve never done anything like this before, so my bravado hasn’t been put to the test, but I’d say anything to make myself appear good.
But this man has been there, done that, and isn’t embarrassed to admit that he was terrified! That might be a clever deception or the truth, but either way, we have his testimony (explained in the video below) and his genuine UFO proof.

In a US court of law, I think this would be considered a slam dunk, no-brainer, and a win, win, win testimony… So please don’t take my word for it; listen to Tyler Glockner from Secureteam10 read out his statement in such a manner that we must take this seriously, that we must consider that the US Government is now entirely on board and that UAPs or UFOs are now scientifically proven.
We need to go back and watch every single UFO sighting from the beginning because now that we know UFOs exist, we need to know how long these sly little so and sos have been coming to Earth and what they’ve been up to.

Secureteam10 has released an exceptional and astounding UFO encounter to YouTube, complete with Walter Rand’s statement and the identity of the eye witness, as well as all the proof you could possibly want:

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