A Michigan Farmer’s Field Contains A Woolly Mammoth

Michigan was digging in a field to help it drain when they came across something that looked like wood about eight feet down. According to the Detroit Free Press, the farmers quickly realized that they were not hitting wood, but rather bone.

Is that a “osu” bone? They called the University of Michigan, and someone at the school’s Museum of Paleontology told Daniel Fisher the news. When Fisher got there, he saw that it wasn’t the osu that the farmers thought they had found. Instead, it was a Mammoth.

According to the Free Press, Fisher and his partner only had one day to find the Mammoth’s bones because the farmers had to get back to work. They were able to find the head, tusks, ribs, and some vertebrae. The pieces that were missing may have been taken by people who ate the animal.The Free Press says that about 30 other mammoths have been found in the state. Fisher told the paper that this one may be a Jeffersonian mammoth, which is not quite a Woolly mammoth and not quite a Columbian mammoth, but is still very big, very impressive, and not something you find every day when you’re doing fieldwork.


Watch the video below:


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