NASA Uncovered: “They Discovered Some Strange Excel Sheets Containing Alien Pilots”

Anyone familiar with NASA’s past understands that it has been exposed on several occasions. His greatest mistake was when Gary McKinnon, a hacker, gained access to classified information that included aliens.


Gary McKinnon was the hacker who had access EXCEL. NASA has held critical information about space for many years. As a result, it’s unsurprising that hackers have attempted to gain the information by coercion.

This is exactly what Gary McKinnon did at the beginning of the 21st century. To find out what they were hiding, he hacked into the space agency’s database. He didn’t know that there would be so many information about UFOs or aliens. NASA secrets McKinnon discovered several files that contained images of UFOs, documents containing EXCEL files and lists of pilots and soldiers.

These troops were assigned to varying ranks, from Sergeant up to Major, and were responsible of different vessels. There were some troops who weren’t from this planet. McKinnon has spent more than 10 years in prison. His life is full of court and tribunal hearings. NASA has so far managed to keep the silence. According to the hacker, however, the EXCEL files are found in numerous interviews and news conferences. At the most, it was there when he signed into the file.

The truth of this will mean that the US government is forced to hide. There was contact. But there was also a relationship between the power and the alien beings.

For leaking data, the hacker was sentenced to over a decade in prison What are they trying hide from us? The same question we’ve been asking for many decades comes back to haunt us. It is not hard to see that we have been in constant contact with other beings from different worlds.

They are doing something that only a small number of people like them, but that is not good for the majority. Gary McKinnon is not reporting this incident. The hacker, despite his achievements, may not be the most credible. Contrary to high-ranking government officials and former employees of the space agency, military personnel and veterans are not eligible.

They’ve all claimed that the US administration, along with other world powers, is already in contact with intelligent entities from other worlds at a high level. Can we therefore be sure that NASA has a list of pilots from alien countries? What’s the point of this list? What ships are on this list? Many questions are still unanswered. There are reasons to be optimistic, however. Many powerful people from different administrations have voiced their disapproval at the presence of aliens among us.

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