Parents were horrified when child was “chased by UFOs for two weeks”

The following video was recorded in suburban Atlanta, Georgia around 3:00 pm on August 22, 2015.


These strange footage was recorded by a nine-year-old boy who claimed to have been haunted by a UFO every day for several weeks.

The boy’s parents, who had never seen a UFO, did not believe the boy at first.

But then he managed to capture a strange object that flies, changes direction, and eventually seems to disappear into the air.

After seeing the footage the boy took on his parents’ cell phone, concerned parents sent the footage to “experts” for verification.

“Experts” claim that this is evidence that alien ships are stalking children and disguising themselves from their parents in an attempt to kidnap the child.

On the frames uploaded to Youtube, one of the experts comments on what he saw.

He says: “It seemed that this UFO became invisible to the parents and visible only to the child, who, of course, is very scared of this thing.

“This further confirms other stories that these UFOs are after children, presumably to kidnap them.

“Fortunately, this device was captured on video by a child who ran to get his parents’ phone, ran back and started filming the device in flight.

“You can see how the shape of the ship changes, it changes direction, stops before finally dematerializing.”

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