Mysterious Flying Object – I thought That It’s an Airplane, But It’s NOT (video)

An American woman known by the name of Linda Miller recorded a video in mid-July 2019. She went out with the camera to capture the sunset, nothing more.

At one point, when she turned the camera in the opposite direction, she caught what looked like a plane flying in the sky. Then, after a closer examination of the filming, it was clear that it was not a plane, it looked more like a meteorite that burned when it hit the earth’s atmosphere.

Unfortunately, the woman did not mention the place where this scene was shot. If you watch the video until the end, you will easily notice that it is very interesting, moreover, it can happen anywhere not necessarily in the US. The woman goes as far as telling that this mysterious object could be Nibiru, but I have doubts, it’s too small to be Nibiru.


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