NASA’s Spokesman Declared That National Agency Has Established Contact With 4 Alien Races

For the first time in history, NASA admitted, through its spokesman Trish Chamberson, the existence of extra-terrestrial civilizations , moreover, declared that the National Agency has established contact with, not one, but four different races.

Chamberson said that the so-called Greys visited our planet thousands of years ago. Chamberson went as far as to admit that they were the ones who constructed the pyramids.

She also claimed that these beings are in possession of a base on the dark side of the moon as well as on other planets of our solar system.

They even created a ring around Jupiter not so long ago. Chamberson ended up by saying that there is no need to worry since they are not dangerous for us and the only thing that interests them is mining and mineral resources.

Finally, Chamberson said that these creatures are not very sociable and have some complaints about the way we act and behave. For instance, they are very dissatisfied with the use of nuclear weapons because, according to them, this alters and influence parallel universes


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