Weird four-legged humanoid being caught on CCTV crossing a road in the UK

According to CCTV footage, a strange humanoid beast was seen running along a four-lane road in the UK. When viewed at full speed, the video appears to show an animal crossing the highway at high speed, but still frames from the film cast doubt on this identification. A strange monster runs on all fours with what appears to be a human head, torso and legs in still frames.

The video was not a fabrication, according to paranormal experts.

“We have double checked with local authorities responsible for security cameras in this area and this is not a hoax,” said the spokesperson. It is believed to be genuine footage. In the UK, this creature was seen on video crossing a motorway.”

Theories included deer, squirrels, foxes, cats, dogs, wolves and kangaroos when the video went viral (deer were quickly dismissed because they don’t have forward-pointing knees). The creature has yet to be identified.

Watch the video below and let us know what you think in the comments section.


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