UFO Sighting: ‘Thousands’ Of Eyewitnesses See ‘Alien Craft’ – ‘Similar To TR3B’

UFO advocates have flooded social media with remarkable videos purporting to show a top-secret TR3B packed with alien tech.

Incredible footage has emerged online appearing to show a UFO anomaly in the skies over the US earlier this week. Various videos show scores of baffled onlookers pointing at the unexplained flying object.

The amateur clips reveal a silvery body with a shape quite distinct from a plane.

UFO hunter and self-titled alien expert Scott Waring believes the object could be evidence of a collaboration between aliens and the US military.

The conspiracy theorist took to his UFO Sightings Daily site to speculate about the incident.

He said: “On September 14, thousands of eyewitnesses saw a UFO over New Jersey area.

UFO advocates have flooded social media with remarkable videos purporting to show a TR3B (Image: UFO Sightings Daily)

Area 51 is an area associated with UFOs (Image: Express)

“The UFO which was about 30 metres across and hovered over various parts of the city.

“People were seen on the freeways pulling their cars over to the side of the road and watching this UFO in the distance.

“The object has a glowing light for a centre, similar to the military TR3B, and strangely enough, it’s not a disk, but a triangle.

“That fact that the event took place is obvious from all the videos currently being uploaded as we speak.”

And because the UFO was not detained by the Air Force, Mr Waring believes this demonstrates the superiority of alien technology.

He said: “Why are there no military jets intercepting this UFO?

“It’s because it may be an actual US military TR3B or one of the evolutions of it.

“There are nine US military bases in New Jersey, that makes it highly unlikely that a UFO would not be intercepted by jets within minutes unless, of course, the military’s primitive radar could not even pick it up.

“If that’s true, then that’s just embarrassing for the US military intelligence.

“Something this big… no jets coming? It just has to be a TR3B being flown.

“Oh, and the TR3B is undetectable by today’s radar from what I hear.

“So either the US is trying to out its top-secret spacecraft to the public, or aliens are trying hard to make humans aware of them.

“I wish there was a video of this showing up or leaving.

‘Most UFO sightings are hoaxes or mistakenly identified as alien in origin (Image: Getty)

“Hopefully more videos will be uploaded in the next few days.”

However, despite the evident interest in the anomaly, the object is clearly a blimp.

YouTube user Eriknorcal is among the many to not be taken in by the films.

They wrote: “You can almost make out ‘Goodyear’ in the side of it.. lol. Clearly the lights are the scrolling adverts.”

And Juan Diaz agreed, commenting: “SMH, It’s a BLIMP that took off from Teterboro at 5pm for the Giants/Steelers game.”

Popular UFO hoax debunker Scott Brando, runs www.ufoofinterest.org, also tweeted: “UFO taken over #NewJersey ? I see a blimp with a led screen.”

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