Finnish ‘Dyatlov Pass’ Case: Huge UFO & Mysterious Alien With Black Box

Fifty-two years ago, a strange event happened in the village of Imjärvi in the countryside of Heinola, Finland that seriously stunned the Western media. This mysterious incident, also known as “The UFO case of Lake Imjärvi,” is similar to the “Dyatlov Pass Incident” that happened in the Ural mountains, Russia.

The story is focused on 36-year-old forester Aarno Heinonen and 38-year-old farmer Esko Viljo. On January 7, 1970, in the forest on the outskirts of the village of Imjärvi, 10 miles north of the city of Heinola and 80 miles northeast of Helsinki, they went for a ski.

At -17 degrees, the sky was clear with no wind. It was 4:45 p.m. when they heard a growing buzz from above and saw a powerful light in the sky, which was moving from the north in the form of a bright cloud. The cloud made a large circle in the sky and went straight for the skiers, descending. The buzzing grew louder. About 15 meters above their heads, the cloud stopped and began to slowly turn, as if swirling, glowing with red-gray radiation.

UFO case of Lake Imjärvi
The witnesses of the observation at the scene of the event

The frightened forester and farmer fell into a stupor and silently watched as a luminous metal object clearly loomed inside the cloud in the form of a classic UFO saucer with a diameter of up to 3 meters.

The buzzing continued and suddenly, the object again began to descend very slowly. The red-gray cloud dissipated, allowing them to see the object even better. The UFO hovered at a height of 3-4 meters. The buzzing stopped, and there was a deafening silence. According to forester Heinonen, the object was so close that it could have been reached with a ski pole.

From the bottom of the ship, a powerful light beam splashed from a protruding pipe with a diameter of 25 cm. It made circular movements twice, making a circle about a meter in diameter under the ship, and returned to a vertical position. A red luminous circle formed on the snow outlined by that beam. And around the perimeter of the circle, a black ring around one centimeter wide appeared. Both witnesses stood at the very edge of the circle and could not move. The beam, as they said, became solid.

Finnish 'Dyatlov Pass' Case
Description of the “being” provided by the witnesses.

In 8 seconds, the luminous circle began to narrow and decreased to the beam up to 25 cm. After that, the beam broke away from the ground and, under intermittent noise, began to rise into the ship until it disappeared. Everything lasted a few seconds.

Suddenly, the forester felt that someone grabbed him by the waist from behind and pulled his body towards him. He skied back. At that moment, a beam of light appeared in the same place. And in the middle of the beam, a humanoid figure appeared in the snow, holding a black box in his hands. There was a hole in the box, and a pulsing yellowish light came out through it.

According to the description of the forester, the creature was about 90 cm tall, with a waxy face, very thin arms, and legs. The farmer also described the stranger. He said that the creature stood in the middle of the beam and glowed like a phosphor figure. He was about a meter tall and very thin. His face was very pale, and his shoulders were slumped, his arms were like those of a child. There was a helmet on his head in the shape of a cone, as if made of metal.

The creature did not express any emotions but in a few seconds, he turned to the forester, directing a blinding light from the box at him. At the same time, sparks appeared on the snow from the circle previously outlined by the beam, long and red, green and purple.

The beam of light began to rise, swaying, and again disappeared. In the fog, the skiers did not see how the ship disappeared. And the incident caused them nausea and numbness in their legs.

Later, they had health problems, including what they described as black urine like “black coffee,” facial swelling, headaches, vision and memory problems.

On the same night, the forester was taken to the hospital in the city of Heinola. Dr. Pauli Kayanoha said that the forester had a headache and joint pain. The blood pressure showed significant hypotension which, according to Dr. Kayanoy, was caused by severe shock.

The forester admitted that at the moment when he saw the creature, for some reason he first mistook him for his farmer friend. Later he realized that he was not seeing the farmer, but a strange creature. When the creature was gone, the forester saw the farmer again. And this change of pictures caused a mental illness for the forester.

This case was later investigated by scientists, in particular, the Swedish physicist Sven Olof Fredriksson, a research member of the GICOFF group in Gothenburg (Sweden), who, in addition to the personal interviews, maintained a long correspondence with the witnesses and other qualified investigators, until squeezing all the possibilities of the case.

Swedish UFO Society
Source, Swedish UFO Society, November 2020

“The reality is that it is very difficult to diagnose with any certainty the type of ailment that the two men suffered. So much so that I preferred not to prescribe anything special to avoid major ills. I thought the best thing to do was to focus on tranquilizers, as the most effective therapy for her mental state,” Olof Fredriksson said.

Matti Tuuri is the professor of electronics at the University of Helsinki. After studying the case dossier, he stated:

“The possibility that Heinonen and Viljo were exposed to an electric shock cannot be ruled out. The two men agree that the light was white and dazzling, so it must be ruled out that it is ultraviolet radiation, which always has a bluish tinge. On the other hand, this type of radiation does not pass through clothing. If the radiation absorbed by the witnesses has passed through it, it must have been a shorter and higher frequency type of waves, such as Ravos X. In addition, the symptoms presented by Heinonen and Viljo are classic of an ‘overdose.’”

The Imjärvi case is undoubtedly “a beautiful case,” where the appreciation of a number of classic strangeness of the UFO phenomenon has been combined with a neat treatment by the pollsters. We could only wish that instead of a forester and a farmer witnessing this event, it had been someone with scientific knowledge.

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