Bizarre Alien Skull Found in Africa: A Discovery that Could Change History Forever

Most people believe that the human species are the only intelligent life form in the universe. But Earth is nothing more than a speck in the galaxy, and it is arrogant to assume that we are alone.

There are theories about aliens visiting Earth throughout our history. Experts have already debunked some of them, but some persist. And with the recent discovery in Africa, we could prove alien existence soon.

An alien skull was discovered in Africa. It has a physiognomy and skeletal structure that is similar to human beings. However, it had a distinguishing characteristic that makes it impossible to assume it is human in origin.

This discovery sparked debates about human history and alien involvement with ancient humans. Since the discovery went public, assumptions and speculations about its origins and why it is here have been discussed.

One explanation disproving this alien skull’s authenticity is its allegedly tainted features. But, some argue that these aren’t modifications but are actual characteristics of the alien who owns the skull.

However, if this skull is authentic, it would be over 14 million years old. This skull easily outdates human history. Based on the tests, the skull also has an unnaturally high concentration of iridium. The only other instances where we found this much iridium was when we examined asteroids and meteorites.

Trying to understand this skull will take us years or even decades. But finding a definitive answer will be difficult until we find other remains with similar characteristics to this skull.

Notably, there could have alien remain discoveries similar to this in the past. And some assume this skull is related to the mummies we discovered in Peru or the gigantic mummy from China.

Do you think this skull was manmade to spark conversation, or is it real? Is this fake, or is the proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life?

With what we know, we can only make assumptions. We do not have all the information we need to conclude anything. For now, you can look at this image of what extraterrestrial life experts think this alien could have looked like when it was alive.

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