Lonnie Zamora Incident: A High-Speed Car Chase Turned Into UFO Encounter With Two Aliens

In the history of Ufology, the case of Lonnie Zamora was registered as the most authentic and well-documented UFO sightings in the United States. It is hard not to believe a police officer when he/she claims to have seen something not from this world. A police officer from Socorro named Lonnie Zamora witnessed a white egg-shaped craft in New Mexico when he was chasing a high-speed vehicle in 1964.

Lonnie Zamora
Lonnie Zamora

On April 24, 1964, at around 5:45 p.m., Zamora was chasing an overspeed vehicle in his cruiser on the outskirts of his town. Suddenly, he was diverted by a loud roaring sound and noticed a flame in the sky.

Zamora said that the flame had been orange and bluish in color. He described it as “funnel-like.” He explained that he drove for half a mile and saw a white object on the ground.

“Thought that it might be a car that had turned over. Crossed to go out there to investigate, thought maybe somebody might be hurt. At that time, I saw this white, like an egg-shaped looking object.”

oval-shaped craft
Illustration of oval-shaped craft witnessed by Lonnie Zamora

Initially, he thought that the object was an overturned car. He could also notice two humans near the object, examining it. As the police officer began approaching them, he understood that they were either large kids or small people. Besides, the object was of white aluminum color.

Lonnie Zamora
Lonnie Zamora poses next to a depression in the soil he claimed was left by a UFO landing in 1964.

He contacted his station and told them about the situation. As soon as he tried to get out of the car, a roar was heard again and the craft started emitting blue flame. This noise scared him, and he thought there might be an explosion. So, he took a cover and made his way back to his cruiser while keeping his eyes on the scene.

The craft was moving upward with an increasing sound, and Zamora could once again see an orange-bluish flame coming out from under the craft. He also said that the object had an oval shape without any door or windows.

oval-shaped craft Lonnie ZamoraDuring his radio interview with Walter Shrode, Zamora said that the two people he had seen near the craft were not humans. The following is the conversation held between Zamora and Shrode.

SHRODE: Did they have helmets on like spacemen or anything?

ZAMORA: No sir, I wouldn’t say they were people, I just… I saw something white, white coveralls, that’s all I can say.

SHRODE: But you couldn’t identify them as actually being an actual human being, like you or I are?

ZAMORA: No sir, I couldn’t.

ZAMORA: It was very low to the ground, at the time I was seeing it, it was very low to the ground up to the perlite mill there, and then it started gaining in altitude.

There is no doubt about what Zamora had seen. Even the FBI investigated the case and discovered burned marks on the site where he had seen the craft landed. The Air Force also recorded his case in detail for the Project Blue Book and concluded that they were definitely humans in white suits. What’s more, when the craft disappeared, another police officer Sergeant Sam Chavez arrived at the scene. He found his colleague totally lost and pale.

Police investigation
Police investigation

According to the investigation conducted by NICAP officer Ray Stanford, there were more witnesses who heard the loud roar around the same time as claimed by Zamora. From the police records, he found out that three people had reported seeing a bright object in the sky.

On April 26, 1964, two days after Zamora’s case, a local farmer went to check on his horses as something was bothering them. He said to have seen an object in the shape of a butane tank. He also noticed a bluish-orange flame, emitting from the bottom of the craft.

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