Mysterious Alien Woman Arrival On Brazilian Island & Beginning of UFO sightings In 1970s

The second country with the most UFO sightings and alien encounters after the US is Brazil. Very few of us know about the “Operation Saucer” also known as Operação Prato carried out by the Brazilian Air Force under the command of Colonel Uyrangê Hollanda to investigate the series of UFO sightings that happened in the mid-1970s that included attacks by light rays. Before the beginning of all these, a mysterious woman arrived at Ilha do Meio, situated in the Brazilian State of Pará.

Researcher Vitorio Peret recalled that in 1975, a woman named Elizabeth Quimine Berger arrived in Urumajó, now Augusto Corrêa. Her intention was to purchase lands on the Island of Meio, located 200 km from the city. She was a white blonde with blue eyes. The woman claimed to be a divorcee and a fashion designer by profession. Interestingly, according to locals, she was very short, only 132 cm. She was born in Switzerland, had an English passport, and was a resident of Paris.

brazil ufo sightings
Researcher Vitorio Peret was involved in Operation Saucer when the Brazilian Army learned facts related to extraterrestrials in the 70s

There was one boatman named João Olaya, who could carry travelers across the island. She got acquainted with him and asked him to take her to the island where she offered the locals to sell their lands to her in exchange for good cash. At first, the locals had no intention to sell their properties to some strange foreign woman. But later, she offered them a huge amount of money and bought plots on the island. Soon, she purchased all other properties near to her previous purchases. Although she became the owner of many lands, the mysterious woman used to spend very little time there as she was mostly out of the island.

Ilha do Meio
Ilha do Meio via Google maps

In some time, the local fishermen and other people started spotting strange lights over the island, and this sparked a rumor that the woman was an extraterrestrial. Some fishermen reported seeing her taking a group of white people with blond hair (around 40-50) to the island. She also used to buy large quantities of fish (around 400 kg of fish) every month from the local fishermen.

sightings of UFOs
Illustration of Ilha do Meio report sightings of UFOs

According to the reports, the locals saw a white ball of lights that looked like “small moons” that landed on the island. What’s more, at the time when the UFO sightings began in the area, Berger was reportedly seen going out in the middle of the night. Some boatman who had access to traveling to the island once followed her and saw her walking on the water without any clothes. The woman became popular among the locals after such details. Some of them even complained to the police about it.

She was questioned by the police three times but was always released as they had never found any strong evidence against her related to the strange light phenomenon. Colonel Uyrangê Hollanda became aware of the strange resident and suspected that she had been feeding guerrillas, as they said that she regularly was seen with dozens of men.

Operation Saucer
Photographs of bright lights in the sky, taken by officials during Operation Saucer

Only when she was on the island, strange cylindrical lights and objects, looking like probes, appeared and evolved at night. The colonel searched her place and was surprised. The house had no windows, no doors, no dishes, no furniture. Just a bed and two chairs, Peret said.

Peret recalled that an American arrived on the island in 1975 when there were already reports of the phenomena that affected the North and Northeast regions of Brazil. Some people were hit by beams of light, including that caused burns. This American claimed to be a commercial pilot who joined NASA and appeared on Mosqueiro Island amid evidence of extraterrestrial activities in the area.

“His neighbors on the island reported that he had very modern equipment for the time and in relation to what was in the region, such as a structure for radio communication that did not even exist in Belém, and even a notebook, something unthinkable for the time. his was the fastest in the region and he never bought anything on the island. Not even a loaf. Twice a week, he went out on a speedboat and came back with groceries,” said Peret.

Peret was suspicious of the NASA interference in Operation Saucer because when the room of that man was searched, his walls were full of formulas, and images of space and rockets were found on the site where his house was. He died on the island in 1982.

Meanwhile, when Berger was arrested the third time, she was escorted by four policemen but vanished soon after she asked to go to the bathroom. It is shocking that she could disappear from the bathroom which had only one door and a small window.

According to Ufologist Moacyr de Mendonça de Uchôa, she was seen dressed as a nurse in Los Angeles 1985/1986 Earthquakes, helping the wounded. Interpol tried to track her but failed. Later, she was seen in South Korea. Later, the police found out that her passport fake, and Elisabeth Queminet Berger was a Swiss woman who died in 1937.

It is one of the unsolved mysteries that still astonishes people. There is a theory that she was either an extraterrestrial or a time traveler who traveled to Earth for some business but had to go due to too much interference by the Brazilian officials.

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