UFO Enthusiast Granger Taylor Disappeared After Claiming That Aliens Invited Him On A Space Trip

Back in the 1980s, something very unusual happened with a talented man with surprising mechanical skills and an immense passion for outer space and exploring the universe. One day, he wrote a note to his parents and disappeared. Canadian man Granger Taylor was only 32 when he vanished not long after building a life-sized spaceship that looked like a UFO in the backyard of his family’s farm.

Granger Taylor was born on October 7, 1948, in Duncan situated in Vancouver Island, British Columbia (Canada). His father died in an accident when he was just a boy, and later his mother remarried. His stepfather was very supportive and stood with him at every step of his life.

From the very childhood, Taylor had a bright mind. He had an incredible talent for fixing almost any broken thing. He dropped out of school in Grade 8 and started working as a mechanic in local shops.

Granger Taylor
Granger Taylor

His physical state and uncanny talent never matched. He was a tall man of 190 cm but was kind of an introvert. People who knew him used to describe him as “eccentric.” He continued to amaze people with his abilities but ridiculed by his peers.

When he was in his 20s, he found his immense interest in locomotives & aircraft engines. Not far from his house, he discovered an abandoned WWII P-40 Kitty Hawk plane located by the Trans Canada Highway. With the help of several kids, whom he mentored in fixing machines, he fixed the plane which was later purchased by a private collector in North Dakota. He also fixed a steam engine which was on display at one of the largest museums in British Columbia.

UFO mystery
Taylor had an incredible skills of fixing almost anything

As Taylor’s skills were developing and his curiosity about the universe expanded, he started getting obsessed with restoration and invention. From ordinary machinery to aircraft engines, his interest soon turned into an interest in space and space travel. It became an obsession, and all his time was devoted to space exploration, UFOs, and space travel. He read constantly, collected at home a huge library dedicated to space.

Taylor built a spaceship from the scrape metals in his yard that resembled a modern UFO. Using two satellite dishes, he created a living space almost like a treehouse. He equipped it with a TV, couch, and wood-burning stove. He spent a lot of time there thinking about the technology behind UFOs.

spaceship built by Granger Taylor
A spaceship built by Granger Taylor in the backyard of his parents’ house

Stacey Jenkins of Alibi Entertainment said: “In terms of locomotion, he understood how things worked. He was amazing at making and fixing everything to do with motors. He was a genius. But he started to imagine, knowing how cars, and planes, and trains worked here, that aliens had better technology.”

In the late 1980s, Taylor shared with his friends that the aliens communicated with him telepathically while he was in his spaceship. He was convinced that the aliens would take him on a journey to space. One of his friends named Nielsen told reporters what Taylor had described to him while being in his self-made spaceship.

“He said it happened when he was in bed. He lay there and got mental communications with somebody from another galaxy… He couldn’t see them. I said they can’t just be mental, but he said it was like they were talking just to him and to his mind. He was asking questions about the means for powering their crafts. The only thing they would tell him was it was magnetic.”

A few days later Taylor told Nielsen that he received an invitation from some invisible source, calling him to go on a “trip through the solar system.”

Taylor disapperance
A note by Granger Taylor

On November 29, 1980, he left his home in a blue 1972 Datsun pickup truck, leaving everything behind he created with a heartfelt note to his parents.

He wrote:

“Dear Mother and Father,

I have gone away to walk aboard an alien spaceship, as recurring dreams assured a 42-month interstellar voyage to explore the vast universe, then return. I am leaving behind all my possessions to you as I will no longer require the use of any. Please use the instructions in my will as a guide to help.

Love, Granger.”

A day before his disappearance, Taylor had a long talk with his stepfather. He said that he was grateful to his stepfather for treating him like his own child. On the afternoon of the same day he vanished, his stepfather discovered a note tacked to his bedroom door. At the backside of that note was a hand-drawn map of Waterloo Mountain.

Taylor’s family and friends hoped that he would return in 42 months, but it never happened. He was last seen around 6:30 PM, leaving a local restaurant. Police began searching for him but never found a trace until March 1986. Some forest workers found truck fragments with bones at the site of an explosion on Mount Prevost, near Taylor’s house.

It was impossible to identify the bones due to the tiny fragments, and DNA testing was not so popular during that time. But the fabrics of the T-shirt also found at the site was later confirmed by Taylor’s mother that it belonged to him. The authorities declared the truck belonged to Taylor.

From the available information, Taylor used to carry explosives in his truck to blasting tree stumps. On the official note, he also had carried explosives on the day of his disappearance and somehow it blew and killed him. But his friend Robert Keller had a different opinion on it. He said that Taylor had often carried dynamites in his truck to blow up tree stumps. He added that Taylor had a good experience handling dynamites and used them countless times.

What’s more, Keller said: “He did have dreams that they [aliens] were coming to get him.”

So where is Taylor now? Well, nobody has any idea, but his parents waited for him for 4 years, leaving their back door open for him in a hope that he would return after completing his expedition. There are many conspiracies about his sudden disappearance. Some say he had been taken by the UFO, some believe that he got tired of his boring life in the small Vancouver town and wanted to restart his life and he left everything, while others believe he was mentally unstable and died in an accident.

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