Mars Rover Found Evidence of a Secret Military Presence on Planet Mars

As the title suggests the Mars rovers have recently actually brought to our attention the following images which all showcase the fact that not only is there alien life on Mars but that there is also a military presence that we’ve come across several times so far. Experts claim that these photos alone indicate that Mars is being occupied currently by a secret deployment military personnel. Randy Cramer claims that this has been ongoing since the 50s.

He claimed that he was a US Marine special section for the Mars Defense Force program. He worked there for 17 years. His stunning interviews showcased the fact that our military is currently fighting off an incursion of the Mars polar region by Draco reptilians and Mantids and that’s not all.

He said that the reason we are still on Mars is because we are protecting an exclusive superhuman gene-pool colony on Mars. This is known as the Breakaway civilization and it is supposedly the civilization that will overtake us in the future as soon as we are “taken care of”. This plan is called Alternative 3. It aims to take over humanity and replace it by these superior beings known collectively as the Breakaway civilization.

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